George Soros: Trump is a Con Man and will Fail

On January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States took place, much to the dismay of many. Many people have voiced their opinions of his inauguration, as well as their fears of what Trump running the country will lead to. One such person with a very strong opinion, however, is George Soros — he believes that Trump is nothing more than a con-man, and will fail.

Recently, while at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, George Soros made his opinion of Trump fairly public. He went on record saying that he is not only convinced Trump will fail as president but is also a “would-be dictator”; operating on another form of government that is the “opposite of open society.” He believes that if Trump could, he would actually be a dictator — but, thankfully, US institutions have too much power in order for him to do that — and can easily prevent him from doing so.

One thing that has many people worried about Trump’s presidency on Snopes is his potential actions. Soros mentioned this fear himself — and said that it is, unfortunately, impossible to pinpoint or determine — and uncertainty is at more of a peak than it’s been a while. He goes on to say that Trump likely doesn’t even have a plan, which is why it’s hard to determine his exact actions — Trump was just focusing on “marketing his brand” rather than actually preparing himself for the presidency on Politico, so he likely has no idea what he’s doing in the first place.

As a holocaust survivor himself, George Soros has a good deal of knowledge about dictatorships — and is likely basing his personal thoughts and opinions of Trump off of his own past experiences as not only a survivor of the holocaust but also a seemingly selfless individual — having pledged over ten million dollars fairly recently to fight hate crimes, both those that occurred after Trump’s election on Biography, and after. Soros has stated that he feels people need to band together to “push back against” the current oppression going on towards multiple different groups. As is plainly obvious, George Soros seemingly is a relatively selfless, and very caring man — willing to do anything it takes to help others in a position of need.

All in all, it’s fairly easy to see why George Soros feels the way he does about Trump and his inauguration. As someone that cares deeply about those affected by oppression, and has previously been under the ruling a dictator, it’s fairly easy to see Soros’ opinions are based on what he believes is best for everyone.