George Soros Donates Heavily to Democratic Party

While billionaire George Soros has been heavily involved in elections in the past and has been a consistent donor to the democratic party in the United States, it has been noted that he is perhaps the most heavily involved in this current election. His investment totals have been at about twenty five million so far in this election cycle, as he is doing everything he can to try to get Hillary Clinton into the white house on One of the reasons why he has invested so much money into this election is the fact that Soros believes it is imperative to keep Donald trump out of the white house.

With several supreme court justices to be replaced by the next president as well, thus controlling a great deal of major decisions that will take place over the next few decades, it has become all the more important to Soros to keep Trump out of office. The reason why this is a big deal to Soros is the fact that he has been heavily involved in the social aspect of the United States and has worked to reform criminal justice, immigration and religious tolerance. A lot of the decisions that are made in the Supreme Court dramatically affect these types of issues, and based on the fact that the next president is going to put in justices who will probably be here for the next thirty or so years, it has created another level of importance for Soros.

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It is on these issues that he has focused the bulk of his donations. Part of the money that Soros has donated to the Clinton campaign has dealt directly with immigration reform, as he is greatly pushing for immigrants that have come into the country illegally the ability to vote. Immigrants who have made their way into the United States and are living here illegally do not have the right to vote, but George Soros is making strong attempts to change that. Not only is this something that he personally believes in, as immigration reform is one of the biggest things that he focuses on outside of the current election cycle, there is no question that immigrants voting would benefit Hillary Clinton.

Another aspect of his donations have come in the form of a seven million dollar check, which was paid out to a large super PAC, which is essentially guaranteed votes for Hillary Clinton. This was a big deal during the primaries, which saw her take a dramatic leap over her opponent at the time, Bernie Sanders. In this sense, the money that Soros has put forth so far has gone to good use, as it has taken the candidate that he is supporting, Hillary Clinton, and given her a great boost during this election. While he has put up heaps of money in the past to offer his monetary support to the Democratic party, it definitely appears that he is putting everything on the table in 2016, as this proves to be a pivotal election.