Gemma Arterton in the West End As Joan of Arc

In case you haven’t heard, BBC is reporting that Gemma Arterton will play Joan of Arc in a production of a famous 1923 play by G.B. Shaw. This is exciting news.

There’s a lot of attention around her fame gained after she starred in 2008’s “Quantum of Solace.” As a huge James Bond admirer, I am excited to see a Bond girl going to the West End. However, she’s so much more than that, and she deserves to be recognized for all she has the potential to do in London theatre over the course of her career. In fact, she has already been on the West End stage before, and recently too.

This artist is continuing to grow as an artist, and it’s only a matter of time before her fame brings her across the Atlantic to Broadway, and around the world. She is a natural presence on the stage in a way that you might not expect from a movie star. She makes you want to be an actor, even if you totally love your desk job…

Most importantly, she has the potential to help a whole generation of young women love theatre, and want to be actors too. There is a real concern in the theatre community of big name movie stars coming over to the stage and taking up leading roles in plays not because they’re talented but because they’re famous. However, in this case, Gemma Arterton is both a famous name and a real talent.

She plays in St. Joan from December 9th to February 18th at the Donmar Warehouse.