Fantasy Football Rankings ft. Martavis Bryant and his road to WR1

If you somehow don’t know Martavis Bryan he has been a highlight for the Steelers when he was brought on the team. Bryant has a wicked fast 40-yard dash, crazy hands, strong field vision, and a pretty big boost in fantasy football rankings in 2014. The real question is why isn’t he on WR1? It comes down to one thing, play time.

Bryant has only played 24 games in three years! He has been suspended multiple times due to failed drug screens. His second failed drug screen cost him the entire 2016 season. He wasn’t helping the fantasy football rankings for 2016, that’s for sure. Martavis Bryant has a 25% TD to reception rate on his record and he shows promise to be a great WR. IF he plays 16 more games he should be able to nail WR1 and boost fantasy football rankings again.

Fantasy football leagues are built to challenge your friends and the country in a battle of football knowledge and intuition. Fantasy football rankings help you decide which players to put on your fantasy team and run your team to the playoffs.