Equities First Holdings; Leading the Way in Providing Stock-Based Financing

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a limited liability company that provides financing solutions to both businesses and high net worth individuals. Equities First Holdings is founded in 2002, the company has its headquarters in Indiana and has a global presence with offices in New York, the United Kingdom, Asia and Australia.

Equities First specialize in providing non-purpose loans. This is a type of financing that uses securities portfolios as collateral. Through evaluating risks as well as projecting the performance of stocks and bonds, EFH is then able to make lending decisions.

This enables the company efficiently allow their investors to access funds without having to dispose of their investments. Further, the loans are offered at fixed interest rates that are lower than current market rates.

In the present economic climate, banks and various other lending institutions have made their lending criteria more restrictive. The banks have recently raised their interest rates and made their loan qualification requirements more prohibitive.

For those seeking quick liquidity or may not qualify for the more conventional financing options, non-purpose credit solutions are quickly becoming a more attractive substitute. Using this approach, EFH has been able to complete about seven hundred transactions to date, all the while ensuring its clients achieve their personal and professional goals.

Fluctuations in the market are unavoidable during a typical loan lifespan; this often leads to uncertainty, as interest rates are prone to adjustments through these highs and lows. However, with equities-based financing, this ambiguity is resolved.

A standard non-recourse aspect of such loans lets a borrower abandon the loan if the value of the equity drops while allowing them to keep the initial profits with added responsibility to the lender.

Non-purpose loans have been overlooked as a viable financing option for a long time, despite its advantages. As with all forms of monetary exchange, there are certain hazards involved. However, Equities First Holdings has built a reputation for transparency and integrity, leaning on legal and statutory regulations to guide its business practices.