Embrace Technology or Sing Give My Regards to Broadway

Theater owners and performers may be singing Give My Regards to Broadway, if they do not change their marketing practices. A recent article published on Huffington Post, points out that theater owners and performers are not keeping up with trends in technology. The ultimate result may be the death of Broadway. The future of Broadway depends on performers, producers, theater owners and others in the industry embracing technology instead of being stuck in the mindset of yesteryear.

First, more than 50 percent of audience members are using their mobile devices to find out information about shows on Broadway. Yet, less than 15 percent of the normal advertising budget is spent on mobile advertising. Additionally, less than 15 percent of theater transactions take place digitally. This trend must be reversed. Theaters need to embrace the possibilities of promoting their shows on mobile devices. They need to make it very easy to buy tickets online to the latest shows. Those going to theaters are wanting this change. It is time that the industry embrace it.

Except for a few top shows like Hamilton, many Broadway shows have trouble filling their seats on a regular basis. Mobile technology can fix this problem to a large extent if its top performers are asked to help with the show’s digital marketing. These performers are natural storytellers. Let them perform their magic where people can see it on their mobile devices and watch theaters fill up once again. Some performers will happily embrace the opportunity to reach consumers on their smartphones, tablets, Apple Watches and other devices. For the others, it needs to be stipulated in their contracts

Staying stuck in the same place will lead to the death of Broadway. Consumers have way too many choices. Therefore, everyone in the industry must work together by embracing mobile technology to attract a wider audience. There are many who have never been to a Broadway show. They have to be encouraged to be reached and encouraged to attend if the future of Broadway is to shine brightly.