Elijah’s Promise and Sam Boraie Turn Food into Careers


If you know about Sam Boraie, you probably know mostly about his professional success over the years. He’s been involved in real estate development that has made a tremendous and positive impact all over New Jersey. A lot of this has taken place in New Brunswick, but much has also been done in Atlantic City and Newark.


However, one of the biggest things you should know about Boraie is that he’s interested in improving more than just the buildings and property in New Jersey. He’s interested in working hard to transform the people who live there, which he does in part through Elijah’s Promise. He’s on the board for the food-oriented nonprofit organization.


On the surface, Elijah’s Promise helps to give food to those in need. They have a cafe where people can simply pay when they’re able to pay, getting access to food when they need it most. There is a soup kitchen where they can drop in for a hot meal. They also have catering services. They know that basic needs always have to be met, and this is a great way to give back to the community and help those who are in dire straights.


However, the nonprofit is having an even larger impact because they go beyond food and help people start new careers. They have classes in food preparation that people can take, allowing them to help out and to learn more about a potential career in the culinary arts. When they’re done, they have the skills, knowledge, and experience to find a career in this field.


This is huge because many of these people have not developed marketable skills over the years. Part of the reason they’re in this situation is because they feel like they don’t have any outs, like there’s no way to rise above it. Elijah’s Promise helps to show them that’s not true. It gives them a new start on life. It helps them become, professionally speaking, the people they’ve always wanted to be. This is a rejuvenating effort for the area. It has a lasting impact.


You may have heard of the old saying claiming you can give someone a fish and feed him or her for the day, or you can teach that person to fish and feed him or her forever. This is something of the same concept, though in more of a real-world application. Elijah’s Promise does provide food and meets that immediate need, but they also give people the skills and ability to get a job and provide for themselves, making them self-sufficient and breaking the cycle of poverty.


When you think of Sam Boraie, remember that that’s the type of work he’s really interested in. He loves to see people rise above their circumstances and find a new lease on life. He wants to help people not just for a day, but for life. By serving on the board at Elijah’s Promise, he’s able to do all of that in a way that really helps to change New Jersey.