Doe Deere Doesn’t Play By The Rules

In an era where feminism is becoming more and more mainstream it’s increasingly more important to know who the feminine icons are. Doe Deere happens to be one of them, but not in the way you might think. Fashion and beauty are important in our society, but that’s not going to make one worthy of admiration on it’s own.

Doe Deere is not only a fashion icon, but a business inspiration as well. Deere created the popular cosmetic line, Lime Crime. Make-up became a part of her life at a young age, and her skills really developed in her 20s. While her business began as an Ebay shop, it has certainly grown.

Deere began experimenting with looks in 2006, and developed her brand in 2008. She prides her brand on being different, breaking the rules, and thinking outside the box. As with any prominent figure, Deere does have her fair share of negative input. She deals with it simply by ignoring it; ladies, take note!

Deere pays special attention to live-out her company’s values. Bustle featured an article that outlines her best tips for breaking the most common fashion rules. The original article can be found here:

Her best tips are:
DO try a bold lip with your bold eyeshadow, and DO mix your colors. It’s no fun keeping your make-up routine simple, and if you want to make a statement, why not be bold?! Who knows, breaking these two rules might give you a confidence boost.

There really is no wrong way to pair patterns, and as the old saying goes; the more, the merrier. Socks are not often thought of when putting a look together, but Deere says they can be used to make a statement.

If you have unnaturally colored hair try a neon colored shirt anyway, and don’t worry about dressing your age. While Deere believes in breaking the rules, she does say that it’s important to pay attention to the colors that are being mixed between hair and clothes.  As far as dressing your age goes, Deere says that if you like it, then it’s appropriate to wear.

“True style knows no age!”

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  1. Deere’s advice seems pretty simple, do the opposite of whatever the rule says. Certain color palettes just look better together. Mix as many patterns as you want, and try wearing open-toed shoes with socks. It is actually interesting that could have another view on the subject matter when reasoned with in another angle.

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