Dallas-Based Bank Helps Low-Income Families

Some neighborhoods in Dallas have traditionally had a low percentage of home ownership relative to other parts of the city, but financial institution NexBank, along with Habitat for Humanity and Dallas Area Homes, is working to change that. NexBank has started a program where they will give home loans to low-income families in certain zip codes; Habitat for Humanity and Dallas Area Homes are providing counseling and coordination.

The partnership between the three organizations is an example of cooperation between the business and nonprofit communities in Dallas to serve the greater good of the region. The goal is to give at least 100 loans to deserving families over the next five years; home ownership is viewed by experts as being key to turning around blighted socioeconomic areas, and the program is already earning praise in the media.

About NexBank

NexBank is a popular Dallas Area bank that was founded in 1922. With assets of 3.5 billion, it one of the strongest and most respected financial organizations in the region and is a part of NexBank Capital, Inc.

A traditional business with a modern focus, NexBank offers services in investment, mortgage and commercial banking. NexBank is an Equal Housing Lender as well as being a member of the FDIC and is known both for the excellence of its organization as well as its deep commitment to serving the Dallas area.

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