Creative Genius and Hamilton

Just what does it take to get tickets to Hamilton, the hit Broadway show about America’s founding fathers? Manuel’s creativity speaks to countless people worldwide, but there aren’t enough seats for fans. For the show that has captivated countless listeners, tickets are sold out and fans resort to all kinds of tactics. They pay incredibly high prices, turn to ticket scalpers, and even hire people to wait in the cancellation line as line sitters. For every show, there are a certain number of unused seats that are reserved for the press or cancelled by people who made reservations, and diehard fans hire line sitters to wait in line for days to secure a seat. Talk about a blockbuster!

Lin-Manuel Miranda spent 6 years creating a show that would take the theater world by storm. He used the lyric qualities of hip hop to build Hamilton, a show that has captivated its worldwide audience. Just how did Manuel create such a masterpiece? For starters, he took inspiration from some interesting places. The sound of a door squeak made its way into the musical’s opening, and Manuel even adapted a song he wrote in high school to create “The Story of Tonight.” Hamilton: The Revolution provides commentary by Manuel himself and reveals all kinds of quirks in his creative process. When it comes to crafting a Broadway hit, Lin-Manuel Miranda is clearly a creative genius.