Copa Star takes Healthcare to another Level

Copa Star is a remarkable medical center that was launched in November 2016. The hospital is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has excellent architectural designs that give it an image of a world-class healthcare center. The facility has gained international recognition due to the type of treatment and luxury that it provides to its customers. The quality of services that Copa Star offers cannot be matched by any medical center that is based in the city. It has an excellent reputation due to the investments that it has made in modern medical technology, equipment, and machines. All these resources that the hospital owns make it easy for it to doctors to attend to the patients. The founder of the healthcare center is called Jorge Moll. He is one of the county’s leading cardiologists, and he has ensured that it has sufficient neurosurgery and cardiology equipment. He believes that Copa Star is a success since it the first hospital to ever offer five-star accommodation and services in Rio de Janeiro. View the design at RAF Arquitetura.

Most of the residents of Rio de Janeiro and other parts Brazil prefer Copa Star due to its luxurious healing rooms, modern surgery rooms, customer service, and top-notch diagnostic equipment. The hospital also receives patients from other regions of the globe. The medical center also has well-equipped therapy rooms. Copa Star believes that patients can heal faster if they are offered a comfortable environment. The rooms that it offers to its patients are very private and luxurious just like in five-star hotels. The hospital’s reception looks very welcoming. It has comfortable seats and has been decorated with beautiful paintings. The whole environment of the healthcare facility lacks the dullness that is usually in hospitals.

D’Or network, which is a firm that owns Copa Star, is determined to make it a leading provider of complex cardiac and neurological treatment procedures. The medical machines that the hospital owns are valued at approximately $100 million. These amenities include MRI Machines, robotic assistants, cardiology and neurosurgery tools, and a hybrid diagnostic center. Copa Star currently owns about 59 intensive care units that are modern, and they ensure that individuals who are in critical conditions recuperate faster.

Hospital Copa Star has ensured that all its 500 employees understand how to use its modern amenities in assisting the patients. It conducts a three months orientation program to all its staff members before they start serving. The hospital has about 113 medical professionals who come from different parts of the globe. Their ability to offer excellent services to the patients is facilitated by the smart hospitality system that is controlled through iPads. All patients are offered the gadget when they are admitted, and it simplifies communication with the physicians. The program also enables individuals to manage their ambiance.