Clay Siegal’s Remarkable Career

Building a company from scratch to a multi-million dollar venture is not an easy walk in the park, and if you doubt, ask Clay Siegal. It requires sacrifice, wisdom and tolerance. Clay Siegal has built Seattle Genetics from a small startup into one of the most popular cancer research centers in the United States. The company has attracted a lot of investors due to its exemplary performance. It recently received more than $300 million funding to boost its scope of operations and expand its service portfolio.

Clay Siegal has a passion for genetic research. He pursued a degree in biotechnology to help him build a foundation in genetic research. He later went to do his masters and Ph.D in the same line of study. With energy and zeal to conquer the field of medicine, he co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. Siegall is now the CEO and a member of the Board of Directors. He has guided the company through thick and thin in the world of research. The company specializes in producing cancer drugs. Some of its drugs have already been tested by relevant authorities and approved for use in the whole country.

Clay Siegall’s dream is to make a difference in cancer research. He hopes that one day his company will come up with a drug that eradicates the abnormal cells completely from the body. He is currently working on new drugs that will help in treating bladder and liver cancers. Its drug Adcetris is already in the hospitals, and it is used to treat various types of lymphomas.

Before he founded Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall worked in other companies such as Bristol Myers Squib, National Cancer Institute and Biomedical Association. He is a board member at Fred Hutchison and Washington Biotechnology. In 2013, he was appointed the chairman of the Board of Directors at Mirna Therapeutics Inc., a company that produces microRNAs. His commitment to ensuring people get solutions to their health problems, especially cancer, has made him a popular figure. His company is also a leading brand that is known for producing quality drugs. Siegall graduated from Maryland and Washington University where he did his degree and Ph.D. respectively.