Chris Burch On Technological Advancements

No matter what one thinks about technology, they can agree that it has made a lot of things convenient. One of the most important pieces of technology is the internet. One reason is because it opens up a door for information to be passed through. This allows people to learn a lot about everything. Among the different types of stuff they could learn about are fashion and technology. One of the lessons that people could learn is how fashion and technology could work together. There have been a lot of pieces of wearable technology for many different eras. Among the examples of wearable technology is the eyeglasses.

Chris Burch is aware of a lot of the trends that have come as a result of the merging of fashion and technology. One example that Chris Burch remembers is the boombox which allows people to carry music around. This has been one very exciting invention. This allowed people to jam out while they were moving to different places. Other examples of fashion and technology collaborations that Chris Burch ( is aware of is the watch. This allows people to keep up with the time while they are on the go.

One thing that Chris Burch is looking forward to is the future of wearable technology. There has been a surge of new technology such as the smart watch and different fitness monitors that people can wear in order to monitor their heart rate. One thing that Chris Burch sees is that they will improve the quality of life for the individual that has access to this technology.

Chris Burch also writes about technology and other topics that interest him. He is one person that has a lot of insight as to what is going to bring forth positive changes for the individual as well as society.

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