Cheers Is Coming To The Stage

IF you watched any amount of television in the 1980s, then you are probably familiar with the hit show, “Cheers.” It features a bar where friends and employees gather to talk about love, money and any other problem that they can think about. The show is making an appearance on Broadway in September. There will be several shows that take place across the country. It will begin in Boston at the Shubert Theater, which is an ideal location as the bar that was in the series is in Boston.

There will be several weeks when the show will be in Chicago at the Broadway Playhouse. The set for the show will be the bar scene that was shown on the television series. The characters will be the same, such as Norm and Carla, but it will be different people who play them on the stage. A VIP package will be available for those who want to meet some of the actors and sit at the bar for a drink during intermission. This is a fun experience for those who want a bit of nostalgia in their life. It’s a way to capture the television show from an angle that is sure to offer a lot of laughs, romance and perhaps a few tears. There is no indication as to how long the show will go on and what cities will be added to the tour.