Freedom And Opportunity With The Traveling Vineyard

Everyone would love the ability to make their own schedule and decisions. It is a dream for many to own a business that not only provides for their needs, but empowers them to live the life that they desire. Being an entrepreneur brings tremendous risk. There are variables that go unnoticed by customers and employees. Business owners must be able to maintain a plan that brings prophet while sustaining a positive work environment.

Traveling Vineyard Wines offers a unique opportunity for those who are looking to step out on their own and make an impact in business. It is a concept that allows its participants to work at their own pace while building a strong client list. The wine is supplied by Traveling Vineyard Wines. There is no need for participants to maintain a stock. This relieves them of the overhead that comes with storage. There are also no shipping obligations for the wine sales people.

They are given a small kit of wine for sampling purposes. It is up to them to arrange the events and present the product to potential customers and clients. As their consumer base grows sales people will be able to increase there out put of the product. There are no deadlines associated with the program. Sales goals are set by each individual. However, there is no limit to the amount of merchandise that can be sold and shipped.

The Traveling Vineyard Wines program is suitable for those who are looking for a source of extra income, or seeking to establish a new career path. There is training offered for beginners to help them get started with the process. Each sales person maintains an account online that helps them track their production. The out-of-pocket costs are extremely minimal compared to any kind of other startup business.

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Traveling Vineyard Brings Wine Country Into Any Home

Wine is a hot item right now. Wine sales have gone up double digits for the past few years, and it seems like there’s an announcement of a new vineyard or wine every month. Traveling Vineyard is part of the new wave of marketing for wineries, direct sales to the consumer in an intimate setting.

How It Works

Traveling Vineyard operates similarly to other direct sales programs. People sign up and train to be wine advisers. After purchasing a selling kit called the “Success Kit”, they host free wine parties for friends and friends of friends. They do pairings of their wines with assorted foods and offer the opportunity to order the wine. No liquor licenses are required because the Wine Guide is not selling the alcohol at the party and not charging for the tasting. They are letting people taste samples of wine and taking orders.

Many Benefits

There are many benefits of working for Traveling Vineyard. Wine Guides earn a commission on every bottle of wine they sell, hours are flexible, and there aren’t quotas to meet. And, who can argue with hosting wine parties as a job? Also, there are regional and national meetings for all of the company’s wine guides. These meetings let the guides trade tips on selling the wine and to get the latest information on the company.


Wine Guides are given initial training with an experienced guide and additional training from the Traveling Vineyard website. There are also regional training meetings and training opportunities at the national meetings.

The Wines

The wines available from The Traveling Vineyard come from grapes all over the world. The company sends trained specialists to vineyards, and they select the best they have to offer and ship the product to one of three wine production facilities in the United States. The wine director blends and oversees the production of the final product.

Building a Community of Wine Lovers

Traveling Vineyard’ social media presence is strong and it draws wine lovers to talk about all things wine. Reading their Facebook page reveals different pairings people have done and recommendations for parties. There’s also more than a few people asking for parties!

Traveling Vineyard is the perfect place to work for people who love wine. Instead of going to a wine shop to sell to strangers, it allows people to meet with friends, share wine, make new friends, and enjoy a good glass of wine.

For more information, read The Traveling Vineyard’s blog.