New Castle Show At Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World Resort has been playing the beloved stage show, Dream Along With Mickey, for practically 10 long years at Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella’s Castle. The show has created countless beautiful memories, but it was time for a new show to be created. The new show takes on a whole new concept where Mickey and Minnie take guests on a ride of fantasy and excitement with tons of amazing characters. The show is immensely popular for numerous reasons, including the fact that it’s brand new and filled with characters from newer Disney films.

Characters from Tangled, Princess and The Frog, and Frozen are all a part of the show. Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire brings along the fabulous group of good friends on a ride that is exhilarating, fun, and filled with unique surprises. The show continues to dazzle audiences every single day, and the castle show has helped create tons of happy memories already despite being such a brand new show to the Park.

Now a brand new generation of Disney fans will get to experience a castle stage show like no other. Dance around with Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen as they take you down the bayou and celebrate Mardi Gras. Afterwards, experience Tangled with the ruffians and the thugs, and witness how they all have their own dreams as they sing, “I’ve Got A Dream.” At the end, you will see Frozen’s Anna and Elsa “Let It Go” with Olaf, and then the grand finale with everybody on stage is sure to blow your socks off and get your kids excited.