“Wakaa! The Musical” Take London By Storm

The very first fully Nigerian produced and directed musical Wakaa! debuted in London’s West End to huge acclaim. The producer and director, Bolanle Austen-Peters, has been overwhelmed by the warm reception, and she hopes to bring this show around the world as soon as possible.

The idea to even bring this show to London did not occur to Austen-Peters until she saw the success this musical had in the Nigerian city of Lagos. In Lagos, Wakka! had an audience of over 10,000 people spread out over twelve performances earlier this year. Although many PR-firms doubted this musical’s popularity with English audiences, Austen-Peters trusted her gut and booked the West End’s Shaw Theater for seven performances.

It turns out that all of those performances were not enough to meet English demand. Every single show sold out, and some people even bought tickets for over 200 British Pounds from scalpers on the last night.

The story of Wakka! follows a bunch of Nigerian graduates through their trials and joys in the globalized era. Their stories are all told through high-energy song and dance numbers. This family-friendly show lasts about two hours.

Specific information on when or where the company of Wakka! will appear again is not known, but Austen-Peters definitely wants to share this musical with the USA. She also wants to re-open in London to give everybody who did not have a chance to see the show an opportunity to take it in.