Vinny Parascandola of AXA Advisors Helps People Build A Fiscal Future

The world of finance is one in which people turn to for many reasons. Such reasons including being able to get the kind of results they hope will allow them to see their hard won savings grow over the long term. Planning for the future is vitally important. Many people realize they must start to save as soon as possible in order to allow them to accumulate the funding they need. One place that people have turned to for help is AXA Advisors. This firm is dedicated to the financial well being of people all over the globe. Officials at the firm work in order to help provide financial products that are of use to their clients. They know that clients can have healthier financial lives with their help.

The Work Of Senior Vice President

One person who has been working hard in order to help push the company to new heights is Senior Vice President Vinny Parascandola. In this role, he has been responsible for many aspects of the operations of the firm, allowing him to help offer superior services for the firm’s many clients. As one of the senior members of the firm, he looks for new and innovative ways to create value for his clients. During the course of his tenure here, he has seen the company continue to expand into new markets.

His Many Duties

Parascandola’s work in this area of AXA Advisors includes many kinds of responsibilities. As a Senior Vice President, he has been responsible for several areas of company work including that of sales of new products to clients. He has also been responsible for various other parts of the company’s efforts including that of management development that are designed to help offer leadership skills to those working here. He has also been involved in other areas such as that of recruiting new people for the company. His efforts also include other areas of the operations of the company including that of retention of new employees as well as making sure that all employees are productive and capable of being experienced financial professionals.