Norka Luque Uses Her Music to Send a Message of Hope and Inspire People across the Globe

The story of Norka Martinez Luque inspires many people who have dreams of establishing successful musical careers in the future. In her success story, impossibilities are converted to possibilities. The Venezuela-born Norka discovered her love for music at a tender age. She has remained true to her goal of bringing a message of hope to all kinds of people across the globe. Norka was lucky to have parents who supported her music talent when she was still young. In fact, she pursued her academic studies and attended voice practice, flamenco, ballet, and piano classes during her free time.

Education and music breakthrough

Norka Luque pursued a Business Administration degree in France and graduated with Marketing, Fashion, and Culinary Arts. During her college life in France, she joined a band, which revitalized her dream of establishing a prosperous musical career. The band created an opportunity for her to appear on numerous platforms and interact with influential producers such as Emilio Estefan Jr. Norka shared her compilations with the producer, who was impressed by her musical project. According to Norka, working with Emilio is a blessing. The talented singer strives to learn new things that can strengthen her musical career as each day passes.

Overcoming a severe personal crisis

Norka Luque gained an excessive amount of weight after undergoing a serious personal crisis. The crisis was a threat to her musical career, which was already thriving. Being a strong woman, she embraced a weight loss program created by her personal trainer and lost 32 kilograms. She continues to work out under the guidance of the same personal trainer. Norka has regained her figure and perfect shape. She looks very different from the way she looked during the Miss Venezuela that was held in 2011. She exercises on a regular basis and plays tennis, but on a semi-professional level.


MILAGRO is a song that Norka and EL Cata are currently promoting. It is a mix of reggae, Caribbean sounds, and Mediterranean traces, which sends a beautiful message full hope and better tomorrow. This song is indisputably a recipe for victory. In fact, it has ruled the musical charts in Venezuela, the United States, and Puerto Rico. A team of professionals comprised of veteran producers led by prominent entrepreneur Emilio Estefan, composers such as Archie Pena, Hermanos Gaitan, and Luigi Giraldo played an instrumental role in the creating of the song MILAGRO. With this song, Norka encourages people struggling with a personal crisis to remain strong and determined.