VTA Publications Ltd. Out To Change The Perception Of Stock Trading To The Average Investor


VTA Publications is a financial consulting firm that publishes non-fiction, distance learning courses aimed at helping people achieve their financial goals. VTA was founded in 2012 and is located in Norfolk, UK. VTA helps plan and book events that cater to specialists genres such as economic and financial forums.

VTA has thousands of customers around the globe that subscribe to its wide range of information products and services. Some of their exclusive products and services include courses, books, seminars, and DVDs which help their clients achieve their personal financial goals as well as satisfy their learning needs.


According to Twitter, on the account that Jim manages, VTA’s mission is to provide cutting edge information to customers in both the physical and digital platform that specializes in economics and finance. VTA sources the best talent around the world in the financial and economic field to leverage their expertise and tradecraft directly to its customers in an easy to understand format.


VTA’s professionals teach about spread betting. They advise customers on anticipation of the perfect time to trade as the best way to make money in the stock market. They provide a series of webinars, DVD training videos and YouTube videos that help customers learn to maximize profit from a falling stock.


Jim Hunt, through VTA recently launched Wealth Wave. Wealth Wave is a trading technique that has been tested and proved to be an efficient way of making money. It has been predicted that millionaires will emerge in 2016 – 2017 period through the use of this technique.


About Jim Hunt


Mr. Hunt is the CEO of VTA Publications, as CrunchBase tells us. He is also a consultant that specializes in investments such as bonds and stocks. He is a respected stock analyst. Mr. Hunt is known to be excellent at spotting market trends and predicting future stock value. He provides strategic outlines and investment tips through his company to average investors.


Jim Hunt also came up with wealth wave, a program in VTA designed to help investors make money from a falling stock. He is also the pioneer of Make Mum a Millionaire program that aims to prove how it is easy making money through his stock trading system.