Chicago Theater Stands By It’s Choice to Use White Actor for Lin Manuel Miradana Role

The practice of “whitewashing” or replacing characters of color with white actors has made headlines lately, and for good reason. We are well into the 21st century and this discriminatory practice is still happening all over the country, and not just in Hollywood. Porchlight Theater Company, a local Chicago semi-professional company has even participated in whitewashing.


According to Buzzfeed News, the theater chose to cast a white Italian actor as the main character, a role that Lin Manuel Miranda typically plays. The cast is typically filled with mostly Latinx actors, and the theater has been criticized for their whitewashing. Porchlight admitted that they “fell short” but chose not to recast the actor.


It is hard to believe that in such a diverse city as Chicago, filled with aspiring and professional actors of all types, talents, and ethnicities, that they could not find an Latinx actor that was qualified to take on the role. Chicago is a diverse city and it is filled with many talented people.




Of course there are many people who do not understand why it is important for theaters and movies not to whitewash roles, and why casting actors of color in roles written for actors of color is important. A well known Chicago theater critic recently ruffled feathers when she went as far to say that it is acting, so why does it matter.


But the truth is that it does matter. Yes, most roles are not written in such a way that they cannot be played by an actor of another race or gender. Not all roles are written this way. In the Heights is specifically about the Latinx experience in the United States, and as such it as disservice to the many capable Latinx actors to cast white actors in these roles.


Whitewashing is also a problem because minority actors have to fight hard for the few roles that are available to them. When one of the few dynamic roles available to non-white and minority actors is given to a white person, it is a slap in the face. It says that only white people are talented and dynamic enough for this kind of role. The only way to end this kind of discrimination and disrespect is for casting directors to stop the practice of whitewashing.



Broadway Music Nights In New York Gay Bars Is The New Normal

For years, gay and lesbian bars have been an important place for people to meet. Those energetic night spots play a significant part in the personal histories of people that are just coming out. Many people in the LGBT community are forever connected to gay bars and clubs. They hold those places in their minds like zealots hold their church or political party in mind. New York City has always been a mecca for gay and lesbian bars. New York City gays and lesbians set the trend for the rest of the country, and the newest trend in New York City is Broadway Music Nights in gay clubs and bars.



New York City gay bars have been putting on Broadway entertainment venues, in several areas of the Big Apple, for decades. Splash, the old Chelsea gay bar, was famous for hosting a Musical Monday Night for more than 20 years. But the recent explosion of Broadway music nights in gay bars around town has surprised some people and intrigued others. According to the New York Times, Broadway music nights in gay bars is the happening thing in New York City. And the music is not for just attracting the LGBT community. Thanks to megahits like Hamilton and Aladdin, Broadway music is the flavor of the day, especially on Monday nights. That’s the night Broadway is dark.



Broadway and the gay community have always been a matched set. Singing Broadway hits takes the sting out of being alive, according to some of the gay performers. And actual Broadway performers make appearances in gay bars around the city on Monday nights to sing, and that makes Monday nights one of the most popular nights in gay clubs. Most bars are just paying the light bill on Monday nights while gay bars are making money.



There’s little doubt. Broadway music nights in gay bars across the country will be a standard that lives on for the next few years. The Millennial generation is enamored with Broadway. That generation is not afraid to express themselves in gay bars and clubs no matter what night of the week it is.




Box-Office Picks for Movies Hitting the Theaters this Weekend

On the 26th of January, 2017, Screen Rant published the latest week’s box office prediction. This is published by Screen Rant every week to help the audience decide on what to watch for the upcoming weekend. Their prediction for this weekend includes Split in the number one position, A Dog’s Purpose in the number two position, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in the third position, Hidden Figures in the fourth position and La La Land in the fifth position. After looking at the comparison of Screen Rant’s predictions last week to the actual scenario, I was impressed at how the predictions were almost entirely precise. Four out five predictions came true, so choosing which movies to watch this weekend based on their predictions is quite worth it.

Screen Rant’s Top Box Office Pick – Split

Screen Rant appears to be loving the movie, Split topping it again on the list for the second consecutive week. They had published a full box office wrap-up coverage of Split’s inaugural weekend at the very beginning of this week. The opening weekend had accumulated a massive $40 million. This movie is ideal for enthusiasts of the thriller/horror genre as almost all of the audience was awe-struck by the twisted ending delivered brilliantly by M. Night Shyamalan. This movie is expected to be one of the most hyped movies as it has already received countless positive reviews.

Screen Rant’s Number 2 Box Office Pick – A Dog’s Purpose

A Dog’s Surprise is expected to be a favorite for animal lovers since the story revolves around the magical effect pets have on the lives of their owners. In the story, the dog is shown to be reincarnated many times while contributing positively to the lives of all of its owners at every one of its birth. The movie has, however, received some negative reviews for showing the main character, the dog in a rather manipulated situation.

Screen Rant’s Third Box Office Pick – Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The final part of the Resident Evil franchise is not expected to perform as highly as its previous installments. This is because of a few preliminary negative reviews accompanied by some noteworthy Oscar-deserving competitors. It is still expected that the movie will receive much love from its loyal fan base, predicted to hit its opening weekend at a disappointing $15.5 million. Overall it is expected to perform the lowest at the box office compared to any of the parts of the Resident Evil series.