Hairspray Manequinz

The Mannequin Challenge is the hottest viral video challenge since pouring cold water on your friends and family. As fun as that was this is a lot easier and dryer. The Hairspray Live cast and crew has just released their own video and it is brilliant! The video features the musical’s hottest single “You can’t stop the Beat.” Derek Hough, 31, Martin Short, 66, along with other cast and crew members prepare for an upcoming show in this playful 2-minute video. You can watch the video on YouTube to see all the fun for yourself!



The video begins with a clapper board; the camera pans through the set and you see various crew members frozen in action while preparing for the show. A smiling Madie Baillio, 20, receives star treatment as her stylist puts the finishing touches on her hair. The camera catches quite a few challenging poses such as Harvey Fierstein, 62, who poses with his arm and leg in the air. A woman in mid-fall holding coffee is also seen and how she pulled off that still frame, I will never know! Once the camera does a total 360 around the studio we see a group of cast members frozen in mid-dance routine. It pauses for a second and Madie throws her arms in the air and everyone starts dancing! I really love their idea behind this video, it gives you a glimpse into what life is like behind set



All work and no play can be no fun! I love that the Hairspray cast took a break from all their rehearsals to let loose and give us this gem. The challenge started with Rae Sremmurd’s video “Black Beatles” and has since been all the rage, even with other celebrities. Stars like Blac Chyna, Paul McCartny, and even Michelle Obama have participated. They are going to have a hard time beating what Hairspray just pulled off and with all this anticipation I am going crazy waiting for the December 7th air date!