Scottsdale’s Jason Hope; A Man Of Many Hats

Jason Hope a native Arizona who grew up in Tempe. A futurist, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Jason Hope is an impressive ornamented author and entrepreneur who has been published a number of times on as well as appearing on and Some of these such titles include 5 Predictions for the Internet of Things, The Security Risks of the Internet of Things, Can the Internet of Things Live up to Its Hype?, Living Longer Healthier Lives, and IoT Articles where Jason Hope gives his own personal take on the concept of IoT articles and how they’re written.

Labeling himself as a Futurist which is someone who studies social sciences in order to predict the future, Jason Hope is trying his best to make for a better tomorrow. Today he stands as a helpful philanthropist who enjoys putting his money behind businesses that he believes in such as SENS Foundation who is working hard and long to figure out a science based anti-aging fix as well as a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and other chronic heart and lung diseases.

Believing with all his heart that the answer to create progress in the future is to push the boundaries of modern thought and try problem solving through alternative creative ideas that push the boundaries and the social structure of what is deemed appropriate manners of addressing issues.

Above many of his interesting attributes, Jason Hope is most notably admired for his technological achievements in the area of technology development. Jason Hope has managed to develop mobile apps, desktop software, and much more. He also has his own company named JAWA and is own around the world for his exceptionally unique manner and ideas.

Today, Jason Hope both lives and focuses his career out of Scottsdale, Arizona where he enjoys lavish cars, movies, and hosting large parties with some of the most famous celebrities of our time such as Caitlyn Jenner and Ludacris. He stands today as an everyman of sorts who wears many hats and enjoys life to the fullest, believing fully that one day science will allow us to rely completely on technology for every aspect of living, and taking steps to create that future.

Best Year Yet for Talk Fusion in Tampa

Talk Fusion is proving its excellence in the video industry with its second award this year! One of the main products, Video Chat, was honored to receive the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. This award honors excellent products and services that use data and video communication, and Talk Fusion has risen to the top.

Bob Reina, founder and CEO, began the company in 2007 with the original version of Video Email, which went global in only a year. The company has expanded ever since. This award is the second that Talk Fusion has received this year, but that’s not all that Talk Fusion has been doing in 2016.

Using the power of WebRTC technology, Talk Fusion Video Chat allows its users to communicate and visually see each other on any device. This year has been extremely busy for Talk Fusion with the two awards, but the team is working diligently with all of their products. They launched a Free Trial that was over the top because it required no credit card or personal information. Simply by using your email address, Talk Fusion offered a 30 day free trial of all of their products. This was a fantastic way to introduce excellent video communication to the world.

Bob Reina is also active in philanthropic work and has contributed to many efforts in the past decade. Contributing one million dollars to the Tampa Humane Society for a shelter to house stray animals in the area. Reina answers the call when he recognizes the need. Reina looks back over 2016 and states that this is just the beginning as Talk Fusion approaches a decade in the video business.

The talented IT team plans on expanding the All-in-One Video Marketing Solution, and more. Talk Fusion now has substantial presence in over 140 countries around the world, and they are impressing their customers with their superior video products. With the two awards and all that the company has been doing, this has been the best year yet for Talk Fusion. Go to for more information.

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