Arthur Becker And His Successful Investments In Tech And Real Estate

Arthur Becker, the Chairman, and CEO of Zinio LLC, one of the largest digital newsstand, is known for his aggressive investment plans. He invests in various sectors starting from real estate to equity market. He always admitted that his aggressive investments had helped him to surge the wealth and income in an effective way. His strategy of not just investing in one particular industry or one mean of investment has helped him to be very successful with his investments. In fact, a number of investors are carefully watching his investment pattern to understand where the market is heading.

His recent real estate investments have raised many eyebrows considering the location and type of investment he did. In a report by, he bought three townhouses on Sullivan Street, Lower Manhattan, New York. Interestingly, he was purchasing it by leaving the stake in his condominium development in the vicinity. In detail, he bought three townhouses at 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan Street, each of these are 6,500-square-feet. Though the prices are not yet revealed, there is news spreading that they were priced between $22 million to $28 million.

It is considered to be an excellent investment considering the neighborhood localities including SoHo, Hudson Square, South Village and Greenwich Village are showing an upward trend in the price tag. The year 2016 showed a positive trend in the housing market and the industry has grown at 7.5 % average in the country, which is considered to be one of the best in the recent times. The Manhattan area also showed a steep rise in case of renting as well as selling. So, it can be concluded that Becker ( was making a smart and calculated move with the latest investment.

Apart from investing in real estate, Becker also invests in technology and biotech companies. According to NY Mag, he was the CEO and board member of Navisite, a cloud service and hosting firm. While serving the Chairman and CEO of Zinio, he also holds Managing Director post in another two tech firms which are Madison Technology group, an information technology consulting firm, and Atlantis Investors, an investment management firm that focuses on institutional investments.

Before starting his investment career, he completed his bachelor’s from Bennington College. He did his Masters in Business from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.