Force Awakens Huge Profits Not Expected For Star Wars: Rogue One

In a meeting with Kathleen Kennedy at LucasFilm, Chief of Disney Bob Iger helped plan the Star Wars movies for 2021 and future. This means Disney is definitely committed to extending the George Lucas film series. Disney has announced that future sequels will feature the whole Skywalker family members. They also are planning spinoffs that get into Han Solo’s life story and an intrigue by the Rebels to steal the Death Star’s layout plans. This is planned for around the year 2020. In fact, everything at Disney Studios is undergoing some major changes to move the company into new territory and thus, new audiences that Disney has always eschewed in the past.

Some of these films will arrive in theaters in the next 4 years. Disney has already made plans, beyond these sequels, to add space adventures experienced by the Jedi Knights. This is in tandem with Marvel Films, who are continuing to expand the comic book movie universe for Star Wars. The first film still to come will be “Star Wars: Rogue One.” Because this film is an important connector to all their other planned Star Wars universe movies, it will contain elements that make it likely to earn less at the box office than was made by “The Force Awakens.”

However, it is a very important film for the story arc that is planned for several more works. Disney executives admitted they had never expected to make $2.1 billion to make The Force Awakens the third highest earning movie in history. The rumors that Rogue One needed a lot of re-shooting is not a good omen, either. Perhaps Felicity Jones’ role as the actual Death Star blueprints burglar will cause this new film to do much better than predicted, just as the last film performed. The Star Wars universe of movies is just one of many changes planned in a major internal shakeup of the long-time movie studio. Much of this information came from this article in Variety.