Funny New Play In London: Today’s Must See

“Nice Fish,” a play written by Mark Rylance and American Louis Jenkins, is coming to London’s Harold Pinter Theatre in November. Previously, the act has run at Harvard University in Cambridge and St. Ann’s Warehouse in New York.

This play is impressive and has been to some pretty impressive places, but when you go, you won’t feel like that at all, which is what makes this such an exciting thing to plan for. Sometimes, it can be easy to be so concerned with getting information and influence from the most high-cultured sources that you forget to laugh at silly things and almost stop remembering how to let loose. That’s a scary thought, as we should all remember how to laugh at incredibly silly things no matter how much success and power we come into or how much we grow up.

Enter Mark Rylance and Louis Jenkins! These artists have created a real piece of work, according to industry insiders. At each of their showings, there will also be four tickets given away to viewers who come dressed as either actual fish or fishermen with a fishing rod. That’s so silly, and the antics make you want to roll your eyes, but it’s exactly what Britain needs at this moment in time. This is the funny play everyone needs to see. It’s supposed to be the play of the winter in London, so check it out now.

The First Harry Potter Play Wins Praise in London

The Harry Potter series of books for children by the writer J. K. Rowling have generated millions of sales worldwide and resulted in eight very successful screen productions. Recently, London’s Palace Theater drew a packed audience with the premier of the first play based on the Harry Potter story: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I and II

The play has already sold out through April, 2017. Co-written by Jack Thorne, J.K. Rowling and John Tiffany, the production inspired some members of the audience to travel to London from as far away as Texas in order to watch the first show. It tells the story of Harry Potter nearly two decades after the end of the final movie in the series. Now married with three children, he works very hard for the Ministry of Magic. His son, Albus, rejects his father’s background as a wizard.

Members of the audience and many reviewers gave high praise to the stage production. Directed by John Tiffany, the preview of Part I prompted speculation by some audience members that additional plays would follow. The cast includes actress Noma Dumezweni (playing Hermione Granger), Jamie Parker (as Harry Potter), Poppy Miller (as Ginny Potter) and Sam Clemmett (as Albus). Alex Price plays Draco Malfoy, Anthony Boyle plays his son, Scorpius, Paul Thornley plays Ron Weasley and Cherrelle Skeet plays Rose.

Harry Potter Grows Up in a New Stage Play

A generation that has grown up picturing film actor Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter gets to stretch their imaginations with a new portrayal of the wizard on stage. British actor Jamie Parker stars as the grown-up Harry in the brand new play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, set to open officially on July 30 in the UK.

Fans so far have been enthusiastic about the play, whose first part was presented in preview this week at the Palace Theater in London.

Fans of the seven book Harry Potter saga by JK Rowling will remember that the story ends with an epilogue set 19 years after the end of the main events. The play centers on that time in the life of the now grown-up Harry and features happenings involving Harry’s children at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Parker, 37 years old, trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Six years ago he took to the stage as Prince Hal in Henry IV Parts 1 and 2, and he reprised that role in Henry V in 2012. Now he tackles the role of prince of the wizarding world and it will be up to fans to see if he lives up to their high expectations.

If the standing ovation early reaction to the premiere is any indication, fans approve of the new stage version of the grown-up Harry Potter.