Facebook Expands into Targeted Advertising

It’s no secret that Facebook has embedded itself into the lives of every culture around the globe, and while many welcome this social media revolution, there are some who see fit to avoid it altogether . . . unplugged.

However, in this day and age, it seems truly impossible to live off the grid. Just Thursday, Facebook announced that it will be using targeted advertising to reach out to non-members of its social network. According to The Verge, Facebook believes its advertisements would be more relevant by using cookies, “like” buttons, and other plug-ins on third party sites to track individual trends regardless of membership. This begs the question, is privacy a notion of the past? Well, not exactly.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is not tracking the trends of non-members. Rather, once a non-member shows interest in a particular product, service, or website that has Facebook embedded into it, they track the trends of its members who initiated similar searches. The theory is that Facebook has enough data on its 1.7 billion users to accurately guess trends and interests of members and non-members alike.

Of course, there are still naysayers who question whether Facebook is truly respecting the privacy of non-members and, I dare say, with good reason. Powerhouses like Facebook and Google have so much access that it’s hard not to be skeptical. On the other hand, who likes to be bombarded with advertisements? I personally don’t, but the fact is that we are stuck with them. At least with targeted advertising, I could be bombarded by advertisements I am actually interested in.