Tammy Mazzocco is a Force in Ohio Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco got started in the real estate field as a secretary to a nine-person commercial real estate company and then moved up to a manager’s job at a condominium project for seven years. While there in 1995, she obtained her license in real estate because her boss wanted some assistance with his real estate projects.

In 1999 she decided that real estate was something that she could do and entered the sales phase of her career. She is a very passionate advocate of selling real estate, and she has made it her life’s work.

In her Facebook post, she shared that one of the biggest reasons for her success is her work ethic of breaking things down into tasks that must be done each day. She starts her workday with some meditation and stretching ideas, and then on to the things that she doesn’t particularly enjoy, such as prospecting and making phone calls. She blocks her time and makes herself do them because she knows that this activity is productive.

The one activity that Tammy says makes her more productive is to set goals that are meaningful and then breaking them down into smaller steps which are easier to achieve. By doing this, she can push the envelope forward and make things happen in a predictable way.

Another trait that she has had to develop is that when dealing with people, the realtor must put the client’s situation, fears, and concerns into the forefront. She knows that her issues must be placed on hold because if the client’s issues are not addressed, there will be no real estate sale. Sometimes the silliest reasons pass for reality, and a simple answer can be all that it takes to move forward.

Mazzocco likes to treat the client’s time and investment just as though they were her own and clients notice this attention. It certainly has paid off, and Tammy Mazzocco continues to score big results in real estate sales.

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Tammy Mazzocco’s agent profile: https://www.trulia.com/profile/tammy-mazzocco-agent-johnstown-oh-zgwx6bks/overview