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He is an entrepreneur who has made listening to his best habit, and he says it has one of the tools that have helped him succeed in business. Anthony Toma is the Chief Executive Officer of Nine9 Talent Agency. UnAgency can well be described as an entertainment company which was established with a primary purpose of changing the face of the modeling and the acting industry. Mr. Toma is a successful American business person who has created other enterprises in the past which have been very successful. In his business, Toma has gotten an opportunity to interact with other leaders in the entertainment sector who have helped him gain more experience in the industry. Nine9 News Here .

The Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of Nine9 The UnAgency were recently interviewed and asked how the idea of his modeling agency came about. Toma said that the idea came when he was looking for a chance in the food industry and he came across a food franchising business which resembled modeling and acting industry. Toma decided to purchase the business, and he learned all about it, but unfortunately, the company went under. After the collapse of the firm, Anthony got the opportunity to invest in the same business which has grown to be the current Nine9 The UnAgency.

Nine9 modeling and entertainment organization was established in 2003. The founder of the company y had a primary purpose of providing a unique opportunity to individuals who were aspiring to pursue modeling as their career. The modeling company has employed a team which is experienced in the areas of handling clients, bookings, as well as advising customers on the way to go in the modeling as well as the acting industry. The firm values their customers and treats them as their number one priority. Their customers benefit from the following. Nine9 at Facebook .

  • The aspiring models get time to access and submit to nationwide casting.
  • Provides a commission free environment for their clients.
  • They have a card which enables their members to interact with other leaders in the entertainment industry.

Nine9 The UnAgency provides every aspiring model a golden chance to contact them and get excellent training as they build their career.

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A Look At Some Success Stories And Services Of Nine9 The UnAgency

Success Story #1 From Nine9, Troy B

Troy B. is a male African American dancer, singer and aspiring actor who has managed to break through into the film industry with the help of Nine9 The UnAgency. His success includes being featured as a background extra in a film that featured actor Marlon Wayans. Troy says his dreams are coming true since joining and working with Nine9.

Success Story #2 From Nine9, Dieunoosha B.

Dieunoosha B. is an African American female aspiring actress from North Miami, Florida. She says that since has become a member at Nine9 The UnAgency, that she has received numerous casting calls and auditions for various roles. Dieunoosha also described the staff at the company as being very helpful and helping her achieve greater confidence in herself and her abilities. Read More Here.

Success Story #3 From Nine9, Iune O.

Iune O. is a multiracial female child model from Miami, Florida. Since she used the services of Nine9 The UnAgency she has been in the Walk Fashion Show of Miami that was hosted at the Miami Dolphins Stadium. Click Here for Nine9 Reviews.

Success Story #4 From Nine9, Gerardo L.

Geraldo L. is a hispanic male aspiring actor from Chicago, Illinois that has found great opportunities by working with the Nine9 talent agency. He has been included as a background for a local TV show called Chicago Fire and was even invited to do an audition for a major Disney Studious film. See Photos .

Services To Aspiring Models And Actors From The Nine9 Agency

Nine9 The Unagency provides wannabe models, theater performers and actors exclusive access to a nationwide database of castings and auditions that Nine9 has with directors and producers all across the country. Nine9 also offers coaching, photo shoot services, and talent development to its members. All of this is provided in a commission free environment should a member score a role for an event or production. Nine9 at Twitter .

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