Alexander Hamilton On Social Media

Not many people would have come up with the idea of presenting the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of the United States’ founding fathers, as a hip-hop musical. But, as anyone who loves the theater world knows, “Hamilton” didn’t take long to become the hottest show on Broadway. Even people who don’t know an interlude from an overture are frantically searching for tickets to this highly creative combination of centuries-old history and music that would certainly have raised the eyebrows of the folks being represented on stage.

The success of “Hamilton” (which is clearing close to $2 million a week in profits at the moment) is part artistry and part publicity. Just as a well-designed social media campaign can turn a movie into a phenomenon, momentum on Twitter, Facebook, and other websites has built an aura around the new musical. The more people see it and rave about it to their friends, the more determined those friends become to see it themselves. Once celebrities get into the act, the good publicity spreads even more quickly.

There’s no doubt that the artistry of “Hamilton” is a huge part of its success—it has won the Pulitzer Prize, and is expected to be the big winner at the Tony Awards. If you’re catching the “Hamilton” fever but can’t afford the tickets being resold at sky-high prices, you’re in luck—touring productions of the show are set to hit theaters outside the Big Apple starting this fall.