Cassio Audi Transitions From Music To Finance

The early life of Cassio Audi symbolizes the possibilities of changing careers at any time and point in life. Cassio Audi was a prominent musician who stood in as a drummer with the Viper Band. Hailing from Brazil, he crafted the art of internalizing constructive sounds that would match the genre of music produced by the band. As is usual with music bands, the instruments play a pivotal role in inserting key rythms. It therefore, goes to show that Cassio Audi was an important part of the music band. Cassio’s input was grately upheld by the band members as he was always present in every road show. Read more about Cassio Audi at The Metal Archives.

Cassio’s music career

Cassio’s consistency was one aspect that vastly helped him to develop in the music career. Coupled with the intelligence to produce the right sounds through his drums, Viper Band bagged several awards that positioned Cassio in a growing space. Cassio utilized the opportunity to interact with most of the people of Brazil. Often, he was found using his talent to coach people on how to lead fulfilling lives through talent and opportunites. Being a fan of heavy metal, he was of the idea that music should highlight the pleas of the people. That is how he managed to win the hearts of most Brazilians. Cassio utilized the opportunity by allowing people to experience the greatness that music can bring into someone’s life.


Cassio’s contribution to finance

In 1989, Cassio Audi had managed to influence most Brazilians into Viper Band’s music. He quit, to pursue education. Majoring in finance, he was able to grasp basic skills on financial freedom and security. This aspect positioned him strategically in the country’s docket of best provider for financial services. Until now, Cassio has been working round the clock to ensure that clients have the luxury to enjoy financial freedom. Read this article at

Norka Luque Makes Good on Her Talent

When you check out the resume for Norka Luque you will see that she has become a star with a talent that cannot be contained. The reality, however, is that singing is just one of her talents. She has managed to make herself available to education by studying things like marketing and fashion on a collegiate level. She has also managed to squeeze in enough classes to acquire a degree in culinary arts. This has allowed her to build a succession of backup plans, but she really doesn’t seem to need a backup from music. She is determined to make good on her talent by giving it all that she has.

At one time Norka Luque was part of a band called Bad Moon Rising. She did this while in France. She also studied fashion during her time in Europe. All of these things would prove to be valuable things that appear in the background of her singing career. Her time as part of a band allowed her to become comfortable with taking the stage. The study of fashion and marketing has allowed her to take control of the business part of her singing career. She doesn’t need a stylist or a lot of heavy marketing agents in her entourage. These are all things that Norka knows how to do on her own.

The reality is that Norka is a rising star that is taking it upon herself to make her name known. She was founded by Emilio Estefan, and he is famous in his own right, but Norka doesn’t plan for Estefan to do it all for her. She has taken to social media and made the rounds with promoting her music.

Her time in Bad Moon Rising would be short lived in France, but she would not let the flame die out on her desire to sing. According to her MTV biography, Norka has been singing since the age of 4. She has nourished her talent in a lot of other things, but the thing that she has always managed to stay with is music. That is why people are praising her talents. She is doing something that she is passionate about and her connection with Emilio Estefan is bound to nurture this talent even more.

Norka has become a real inspiration for her native land of Venezuela. She hopes to motivate even more people with her singing ability.

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