Desiree Perez and the New Tidal

It is important to be hard working in all areas of life. Many business people such as Bill Gates and other billionaires have succeeded because they have employed techniques that have made them excel. They are also hard working so as to see their business compete with others. It is the same case in music streaming. So as to attract fans, you have to always come with unique all the time so that you can keep your fans guessing and willing to continue their membership.


Tidal experiences Challenges


Tidal is a business that has experienced many challenges since it started. It is not because of poor services, but it is because any start up business goes through these problems before achieving. Even the best entrepreneurs in the world will tell you that their business faced challenges at one point since they started. First, other firms are offering the same services, and they are well-established. To attract customers, you have to provide better services than the Giants and be consistent.


Rise of Tidal


Sean Carter, the best rapper in the United States decided to restructure Tidal so that he can gain profit. Remember that a business should be profitable for one to pay proper royalties to the musicians. Tidal is a company that is reputable because it pays royalties in time. Finally, Jay-Z decided to bring a lady who has succeeded in negotiating a lot of deals. It is something that was least expected by stakeholders and fans. He hired Desiree to help elevate the company. Desiree is now the leader of Tidal, and that is why the company is rising quickly.


Tough Negotiator


There are different reasons why Desiree is helping Tidal. First, the lady is tough concerning negotiating for deals. She knows how to push stakeholders and managers so that someone can land the best deal. According to TMZ, she is also experienced in running different businesses. Remember she also helps Juan Perez, her husband in running Roc Nation.

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