Pokémon Go Movie Attracts Top Movie Writers

Pokémon Go is without any reasonable doubt, the game of the year. The game has been well received, something that has boosted the value of the Pokémon franchise. The popularity of this app has made Pokémon an entertainment giant. Owing to this success, plans are in the pipeline to create a movie, whose storyline will be based on the game. There was a vicious battle to own the rights to the movie even before the app was officially launched.

Bidding started months prior to the release of the mobile app to the public. It has now emerged that the upcoming film will be scripted by two of the most accomplished scriptwriters in the film industry. According to Variety, Alex Hirsch and Nicole Perlman are on the forefront to land this lucrative job, which is likely to catapult their remarkable careers to unimaginable levels. Reports also state that the movie’s rights have been acquired by Legendary Pictures, which is owned by Thomas Tull. The company won.

The Scriptwriters’ Résumés

The movie’s director, storyline and cast are yet to be identified. However, reports intimate that a number of award winning movie stars are angling for different acting roles that are on offer. Despite the fact that Pokémon Go was motivated by a Japanese video game series, the movie will shoot in English. Perlman gained popularity for scripting the Guardian of the Galaxy. At the moment, she is scripting Captain Marvel, which is one of the most anticipated films of 2016. Perlman played an important role in the success of Guardians of the Galaxy. To date, it remains Marvel Cinematic Universe’s bestselling movie.

On the other hand, Hirsch is credited with the creation of Gravity Falls, a cult-hit animated series that has recently been concluded. The film focuses on a pair of kids who are out to investigate supernatural phenomena in a remote rural community. The series was aired for two seasons, ending with a 68-hour epic on DisneyXD. In the past, Hirsch had indicated that he would consider reviving the film’s characters, but in other roles. By accepting to script write a Pokémon Go film, the two will obviously be punching above their weight. Nevertheless, the film promises to be a hit basing on the success that the duo has had in the past. Movie lovers are equally waiting with bated brief for the movie’s release. The article was originally posted on Screen Rant.

Wizarding Wanderlust Cured in Newest Potter Installment “Cursed Child”

These days, you don’t have to wait for much of anything. In a world of fast food and even faster phones, instant gratification reigns supreme. Fans of the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter, however, seem to have the corner on the patience market. The last book of the multi-billion dollar franchise arrived in 2007, and it wasn’t until 2010 that “The Deathly Hallows Part 2” debuted on the big screen. For Potter fans, six long years have passed without any addition to the major canon. This wait, however, drew to a close last night at London’s Palace Theater.

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” held its first preview Tuesday night, picking up the story of the now-grown Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, alongside their families and children. For those uninitiated into the theater world, previews do not technically begin a production’s official run; think of a preview more akin to a series of final dress rehearsals.

Beginning right where the epilogue of “Hallows” ended, the play sees Harry’s son Albus struggling in his first year at Hogwarts. Never fear, the original three friends see plenty of stage time. The New York Times reported happily that the “three main characters remained true to their younger selves.” Plot details of the play remain strictly under wraps: after the show Tuesday audience members received buttons displaying the hashtag #KeepTheSecrets.

The final word? The telegraph claimed that the “audience came wanting magic and they got in spades.” “Cursed Child” will officially open on July 30.

Suicide Squad Rating Decided

It’s official. Suicide Squad, the long anticipated comic revival, is hitting the big screens on August 5, 2016 and is rated PG-13. You know what that means. A million antsy adolescent kids nationwide are going to be able to indulge in this movie without getting gripe from mom. This rating may seem a bit of a disappointment for DC’s older adult fans, but the movie has been so popular in circulation and fan crevices that nothing is really being taken from it, nor has the sensationalism diluted. The glimpses that we’ve seen, along with the overall production appearance, cast and crew, and anticipatory hype is good enough for everyone involved and provides a blueprint for varied success, actually. Here’s a snippet This means that Suicide Squad will have a larger audience by default than it might have if it were streamlined as a hardcore R-rated film. Not to say audience participation would diminish otherwise, seeing that this is a film we’ve all been waiting for. Some of us even preferring to see a no holds bar situation, albeit, the public presence for this, especially on the premiere night, will be a congregation of wide-eyed teenagers and their nerdy predecessors alike. In my opinion, it’s a win win situation. Not to mention, the cast is incredibly dynamic. Featuring Jared Leto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, and many other amazing actors, this is without doubt going to be a film worth watching.