FreedomPop Expansion Efforts Discussed In Interview

Expansion Efforts Of Large MVNO

After a successful fourth quarter in 2015, FreedomPop has decided to report some of their most recent statistics surrounding their rapid growth in the United States and in the United Kingdom. The company is still new to the UK, so they were surprised to report such high number of conversions. The conversion rate for FreedomPop is when the user switches from the free and basic plan that FreedomPop offers to everyone to a more inclusive, paid plan that helps keep the company running. FreedomPop operates by giving free usage, minutes and messages away to consumers. That is their principle philosophy, that phone services should be free.

The free service, however, is packed full of value that most consumers can’t resist. It contains a phone plan that can be used by itself, or it can be paired with an existing plan from a major wireless company. FreedomPop gives all its users a free taste of the service with 200 MB of data and 200 talk time minutes or messages.

In an interview with RCR Wireless, one of the founders of FreedomPop spills the beans on why the company has been so successful. The founder talks about different aspects of their market that other competitors have not noticed. The fact is that FreedomPop is not like other companies, and they are operating in a market that doesn’t have a normal niche. They are able to create their niche and find new consumers as they go. The company has been doing well so far.

Read the article and watch the video interview from RCR Wireless.

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