How Coriant is Availing High-end Telecoms Products and Services

Telecommunications is a competitive field, which requires players to be innovative in order to stay ahead of competition. Coriant is one firm that has managed so stay relevant owing to its repetitive pioneering of top-of-the range products, which have won it numerous plaudits. Formed in 2013, the firm has been on the forefront groundbreaking new technologies. This has ensured its continued dominance in telecoms.

Coriant has built on a strong foundation, which heavily leans on top-notch leadership, novelty, expertise, and customer satisfaction. These qualities have made it come up with customizable, efficient, compact and easy to use services that have helped clients reduce their Internet accessibility costs. This revolution ranges from cloud connectivity to optical integration. To enhance customer gratification, Coriant has also come up with an interactive platform in the form of a blog. This offers a distinctive arena, through which emerging trends in the sector can be discussed and any new ideas shared.

These unions are made with the aim of delivering inventive products, which accentuate the company’s commitment to its customers. Such partnerships are made with its local and international sales reps, system integrators and other support associates in the public and private sectors. The firm recently appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as its new Chief Executive Officer, an appointment that is bound to help it grow even more and expand to new frontiers.

A Synopsis of Mr. Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is Coriant’s CEO and the Chair of its Board of Directors. He has amassed over 28 years of experience in the world of business, technology and financial services. Kheradpir attended Cornell University, where he graduated with undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees in electoral engineering. This strong academic foundation acted as a springboard as he embarked on his impressive career.

For over 25 years, Shaygan has held several senior positions in major corporations.  Thereafter, he held the same position at Verizon. During this appointment, he belonged to an executive committee, which spearheaded systems transformation and cost-cutting. He also served as Barclays’ Chief Operations and Technology Officer. His corporate star kept shining after being appointed Jupiter Network’s CEO. Prior to his appointment at Coriant, Mr. Kheradpir had a short stint at Marlin Equity Partners, where he was the Chief Operating Partner.

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Jon Urbana Rolls Out Earth Force GoFundMe! Empowering The Youths, Enhancing The Environment

So, Jon Urbana latest humanitarian effort involves supporting the Denver-based non-profit, Earth Force. He’s created a GoFundMe campaign with the aim of raising funding, a WRCB TV publication released earlier this month reads. Earth Force organizes programs to engage the youths in needed environmental development projects with hopes of enhancing local communities. With a threshold limit of $1,750 set by Jon Urbana, Earth Force plans to sponsor projects for the youths and encourage voluntary efforts.

The organization continues to take positive strides towards sustaining energy and cleaning environments. Earth Force currently has about 52 ongoing youth programs across the U.S. and Canada. With Jon Urbana as a sponsor, realizing Earth Force goals that are synonymous with his ambition for photography brings him total gratification. The organization’s global outreach focuses on educating the youths about water preservation, environmental sustainability, and health. With core Earth Force training skills, it’s almost effortless to build environmentally resilient communities, especially when involving tomorrow’s youths.

Denver-native Jon Urbana co-founded the youth development program, Next-Level Lacrosse Camp. He’s long been passionate about mentoring the youths. This alliance with Earth Force presents a rare opportunity for him to inspire and empower a larger group. Having spent all his life growing up in Colorado, Urbana is passionate about environmental preservation. He’s not without conviction when sharing his inspirational experiences with summer campers. In fact, they’re often eager to share experiences of their own, which Urbana openly welcomes.

Jon Urbana decided to support the organization seeing as it aligns the interests listed on his website. His educational sports program for youths has helped numerous young people wanting a meaningful future. Urbana joined Lou Braun to launch the summer camp program, Next-Level Lacrosse startup in 2011.