Robert Hardin To Take Double Roles In His Debut Show

Robert Hardin recently got a chance to emulate “The Rocket”. He will be on the stage for his Off-Broadway Debut in “McCready The Musical”. As a teenager, Hardin tried several times to emulate baseball legend Roger “The Rocket” Clemens by throwing brushback pitches. In the process, he impressed his Blessed Sacrament baseball coaches.

McCready The Musical is a show that chronicles the hard life of Mindy McCready. She is a country music singer. At 20 years old, the talented singer had sold more than two million copies of her first album. The sad twist in the plot is that she died at the age of 37 from a self-inflicted gunshot. Roger Clemons fits in the story of Mindy McCready, so does Billy McKnight.

Robert Hardin takes double roles, casting as Billy McKnight and Roger Clemens in the show. The show was run in 2015 in Los Angeles. It was then run at the 2016 Holly-wood Fringe Festival. It will come to Off Broadway on September 8th to 10th before being staged at New York’s Triad Theatre. The co-creator and co-writer of the production, Jennifer Blake, will be the starring actress. She co-created and co-wrote the script with Jon Bernstein.

It is a dream come true for Robert Hardin. He graduated in 2004 from Beechwood High School. Robert Hardin said that he has always admired the tenacity and competitiveness of Roger Clemons. He will have to be on his top act as he will be expected to shift creative gears with McKnights’s and Clemon’s character. In the play, McKnight fathered two children with McCready. Hardin stated that McKnight is the comic relief of the show. He continued by claiming that he is fun but also has a darker side. Hardin said that he would enjoy the challenge posed by the switching in and out of characters.

Robert took to the stage for the first time when he was a kid attending Lakeside Presbyterian Church with his family. He has fond words for his mother. She was his first director. Hardin believes that his mother has the best eye and insight. Hardin also recognizes the role of Alissa Ayers in his career. She directed Beechwood High School’s Musicals when he was a student.