A Musical Based on ‘Margaritaville’ Will Open Soon

Jimmy Buffett is probably the wealthiest and most successful one-hit wonder in the history of the music business. He has marketed his 1970s song ‘Margaritaville’ in about every way possible. He has been able to sell his loyal fans a wide variety of products over the past 40 years. They seem to be willing to buy every product he introduces to the marketplace. You might have thought Jimmy Buffett had officially run out of ideas. However, you would be wrong. He has decided to attempt to conquer Broadway with the release of an ‘Escape to Margaritaville’ musical that is set to open March 18, 2018. It will make its debut at the Marquis Theater.


The plot of the show involves a bartender who falls in love with a tourist. Buffet also plans to open the show in Chicago, Houston and New Orleans before the eventual opening of the show on Broadway. Many people might be skeptical about the ability of an aging musician to make a successful Broadway musical. However, you must never disregard the loyalty that Buffett’s fans have for anything he does. These people sell out every show he performs. Therefore, it is entirely possible that the musical will be a smash hit in whatever city it is performed in.


One of the best things about a musical with Jimmy Buffett’s name on it is the fact that it will be totally critic proof. It will not matter if the show gets horrible reviews. His fans will go to see it anyway. Most Broadway shows get very nervous when the first reviews are published because getting bad reviews could hurt ticket sales. This show will not be impacted at all if the reviews are overly negative, which is a distinct possibility. Buffett said that he decided to try a musical because he wanted to do something different at his age. He just wanted to see if he could be successful in a new area of show business.