Joel Grey to Receive Oscar Hammerstein Award

According to a story originally published on the Broadwayblog, Joel Grey will officially receive the 25th Oscar Hammerstein Award for Lifetime Achievement in Musical Theater at a December 5th gala held at the Asia Society. Joel Grey has been honored for his television career by the Paley Center.

Joel is the son of Mickey Katz, a famous American musician who introduced Joel to many early American musicians. His father is best known for creating Broadway satires.

Joel’s first performance in musical theater came when he was just nine years old when he performed in On Borrowed Time at the Cleveland Play House. Grey was born in Cleveland, Ohio.

This singers first show on Broadway was in Joy Ride during 1958. His most defining role, however, came when he originated the role of Master of Ceremonies in Cabaret. He was presented a Tony for this amazing job. A few years later, he played the same role in the Cabaret movie and won an Oscar for that role. He is one of only eight people to have ever won a Tony and an Oscar for the same role. Many years later, he also wrote a book and titled it Master of Ceremonies.

Throughout his illustrative career, he has appeared in 12 Broadway shows, six off-Broadway shows, two national tours and has appeared in numerous television and movie roles.

Joel will be opening on October 16 at the American Airlines Theater in a limited production of Cherry Orchard, playing along the delightful Diane Lane. He will be playing the role of Firs in this Broadway show that was first produced in Moscow in 1904.

When asked if he had any roles that he always wanted to play, Joel says that he always wanted to perform in a Shakespeare play. He says that he was only offered one opportunity and that it did not pay well enough to support his wife and their child.

When asked if Cherry Orchard would be his last performance on Broadway, he said that he did not know. That he was still open to considering possibilities. He also said that he was enjoying his new found love of photography.