The Triumphant Journey of Entrepreneurship by Greg Secker

Greg Secker was born and raised in England. He attended the University of Nottingham where he took a course in Agricultural and Food Sciences. From an early age, he exhibited great characteristics of being entrepreneurial, hardworking and ambitious. Today he is one of the most sought after affluent entrepreneur and a motivational speaker. He has also been actively involved in community work making him a respect philanthropist in action and advocacy.


Immediately after school, Greg began working with Thomas Cook Financial Services as a technologist where he was tasked with developing securities trading system. It is from this, that he obtained immense knowledge on the Forex trading. His input into the company as well as his creativity lead him to get a British Telecom Award this was after coming up with an online e-commerce trading platform. He quickly rose in between ranks to be the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. His exposure to the Forex trading stirred up a desire to venture into the business. He launched a personal trading account (Learn To Trade) but its rapid growth became unmanageable as he was torn in between two jobs. He made a wise decision and resigned from Mellon Financial Corporation.


Since then he has been working as a Forex trader and truth be told he is quite successful. He became a multimillionaire shortly before hitting 25 years. He has been on the forefront, in teaching people about stock and currency markets in seminars, open forums and workshop with an approximated audience of up to 200,000 when summed up. His latest innovation is the launch of SmartCharts – trading software that is simple to use, interactive and is more functional, and Capital Index, a brokerage firm that offers quick services when trading on Forex.


In 2010, The Greg Secker’s Foundation was born to empower the surrounding communities and people through provision of quality education, leadership and to help people gain life skills. The foundation has programs such as the Youth Leadership Summit, Christmas Basket Brigade, Early Childhood Development and the Starkey Hearing Foundation that are positively changing lives, Through, Typhoon Yolanda, he welcome Philippines’ on the project dabbed “Build a House, Build a Home”. He has also been involved in other philanthropic circles and obtained much recognition and awards on the same. Along with this he has authored; Financial Freedom through Forex, Everything You Need To Know About Success and Trading Your Way to Success.