Yeonmi Park was born on 4th October 1993. She is a North Korean human rights activist and a defector. She ran away from china in 2007 to settle in South Korea in 2009. She was born in a politically connected family and she was an educated lady. The reason why Yeonmi started to advocate for victims of trafficking and work to promote human rights across the world is because at one time her and her mother were victims of human trafficking. This happened after her father was arrested and sent for smuggling. Park rose and become famous after she delivered a speech at the One Young World 2014 summit which was held in Dublin, Ireland. The aim of the summit was to gather young people across the world to offer solutions to their problems.
Yeonmi Park declared in her Amazon best-selling book, In order to Live: a North Korean journey to freedom. That she never knew the word freedom. To park the happiest thing was having food. It took courage for Park to travel all the way from china to the Mongolian border before arriving South Korea by plane. Yeonmi Park was thirteen while all this happened. Her father traversed the border before finally perished of cancer a few months later.
Pyongyang accused Yeonmi for been United States sympathizers. Park never gave up but instead insisted on the bare truth of her story. She said some fundamental details were changed so as to protect her family members still living in North Korea. Yeonmi Park told Reason TV that she never wanted to make public that she was raped at the age of thirteen. Sexual abuse is what made her to become a very strong defector and human rights activist. Park said the cry of the cry and oppression of the poor cannot be silenced anymore in North Korea, people had to come out strongly and fight for their rights.