Highlights On The Achievements Of Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta

Clinical trials findings recently gave indication that high-dose immunosuppressive therapy followed by stem cells transplantation can stimulate sustained remission of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis diseases. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the central nervous system causing symptoms such as fatigue, pain, weakness, in addition to speech and motor skill problems.After undergoing the treatment using high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant for five years, 69% of the trial participants survived without adverse reaction of disability, new brain lesions, or relapse of MS symptoms. The trial participants did not take any other medication after receiving HDIT/HCT during the trial period. This is certainly one of the notable achievements by medical experts like Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta.The sponsors of the trial, commonly called the HALT-MS, included the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the National Institutes of Health, and it was carried out by Immune Tolerance Network (ITN), which is funded by NIAID.

The three-year results of the study were released and published in ‘Neurology’, a medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology in December 2014.Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta is a Certified Neurologist operating in Voorhes, New Jersey. Dr. Shiva serves at the Kennedy University Hospital as part of a team of 34 health experts that specialize in Neurology. He has a vast experience in treating stroke, sleep disorder, dementia, headaches, and multiple sclerosis.Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta earned his degree from the Government Medical College, Nagpur. Later, Dr. Shiva joined the Boston Medical University Center and Tufts Medical Center where he completed his residency in Neurology. He received certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and he has a New Jersey State Medical License. At the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates, Dr. Shiva Gopal serves as a psychiatrist and has over 38 years working as a Neurologist. At his top-rated practice, Dr. Shiva accepts different insurance plans such as Medicare, Aetna, and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Innovacare supports HHS Initiative in Restructuring the Payment Models | Rick Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides

Innovacare Health led by Richard Shinto officially announced their intention to participate in Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). The LAN is one of the health systems that is supposed to move payment models by quantity to quality. Innovacare Health is interested in partnering with alternative payment system because they consider it as growth in the industry. Innovacare is a Medicare Advantage organization that specializes in providing many healthcare related facilities across Puerto Rico. The organization has already started plans that will lead them to the goal of implementing the new payment system. They believe in sharing the progress with the LAN which is an act of embracing technology.

The LAN expects to implement at least 30 percent of the alternate payment methods (APMs) in the United States healthcare in the year 2016 alone. They also had a target goal in 2018 of about 50 percent implementation in the healthcare institutions across the country. Innovacare, through an official statement, says that they are fully committed to helping the LAN achieve these goals. Their first step of commitment was felt through their participation in the data collection exercise across the nation. Through their Medicare initiative plans, they carried out a quantitive data survey grouping payments based on the APM framework.
Rick Shinto who serves innovative as the Chief Executive Officer and the President says that they announced their intention in this project because they are fully committed to improving the healthcare industry. He added that partnering with LAN is a great step for Innovacare is one of their significant steps to change the healthcare management system for the betterment of the patients. Shinto believes that the project will allow them to provide care to their patients that are characterized by innovation, coordination, and quality and cost effective as well. He says that payment reorganization will improve their relationship with their patients within their networks as well as those of other healthcare providers.
The LAN project was launched by HHS in the month of March 2015 with a goal to improve the payment methods in private and public healthcare centers across the country. They believe in a healthcare system where people pay their providers depending on the quality of service provided to the patients. Over 100 top organizations both in private and public sector have joined hands with HHS program which is expected to improve the quality of services provided by the health care organizations.
Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer at Innovacare says that their decision to partner with HHS in making the LAN a reality will help in spreading the APMs to other service providers in the industry. He applauded the collaboration and expressed his delight in being part of the project.
Dr. Rick Shinto is Innovacare’s CEO and president. He has a Bachelor of Science degree that he received from California University Irvine and a medical degree from the state university in New York. He received his MBA from the University of Redlands as well. Shinto has also worked in other healthcare organizations holding top positions. These include Aveta Inc., NAMM in California, Cal Optical Health Plan as well as Medical Pathways Management Company.