Wayne Brady to Step Into Hamilton

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past couple of years already knows what a sparkling sensation the Broadway musical Hamilton has become. In fact, tickets can be so hard to come by that some Americans have even said that getting to see Hamilton means that you have officially “made it” in America. However, even the hard-working Hamilton actors have to take a break and leave the cast sometimes.


It was in this manner that actor Wayne Brady managed to get his own Hamilton shot by taking over the pivotal part of Aaron Burr in the national tour of the show. By all accounts, it would seem that Brady is a perfect fit for the role. As an improviser, he is a very quick study. And as a talented musician as well, it seems as though Brady could be capable of nailing the vocals and dance steps. It will be interesting for audiences to see Brady, who is often cast in the role of the squeaky-clean best friend, take on the part of one of the most hated men in all of American history.


The creator of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, definitely seems to think that Brady is up to the task, as he excitedly tweeted about the new cast addition. Brady seemed equally thrilled, posting a photo of his new Hamilton credentials. Although his run with the show will be less than three months, there is no doubt that Brady will be tackling his role with an unmatched ferocity. This talented performer is never one to do a half-hearted performance, so it should be interesting to see what kind of nuance he brings to the part of Aaron Burr. Audiences are reportedly thrilled with the addition.


Hamilton and Other Theater Shows Speak Their Concerns

The 2016 election has left many with divided feelings. Each group is left wondering what they have in common and how things went the way they did. The cast of the Broadway musical Hamilton took to the stage to address Mike Pence directly with concerns they had when he went to see their show on November 18, 2016.


“We are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us.” Hamilton actor Brandon Victor Dixon proclaimed to Vice President elect Mike Pence, on that fateful night at the theater.


Mike Pence later made statements praising the Hamilton cast’s use of their freedom of speech. Simultaneously, the president elect lashed out at the Hamilton cast saying it was an attack and that they should apologize.


Hamilton was not the only show voicing their opinion on their stage that night. Only a mere 40 blocks away the production of Party People was also using their freedom of speech to express their concern and frustration post the “election of fake news”.


“Why do you think Donald Trump is the president? This country has never wanted us to be free. After all these years, I live by this: no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, permanent principles.” said the character Amira, who was performed that night by Ramona Keller.


The director of Party People wanted this to be incorporated into their show after the election, because it is important that everyone who feels strongly about the election to stand up for what is right.


The playwright Warren Leight wrote the Union Square Incident after the election. This play is set in a fictional future, where protesters are illegally detained. He said that the play caused a very strong reaction to the audience, who appeared to almost be holding their breaths through the short play. He viewed the play as a warning that we shouldn’t be in denial of what could happen in the future.


George Takei -who is one of the most well-known people to have been in the Japanese-American internment camps during World War II- stated to Buzzfeed News that Trump is wrong about the theater being a “safe space” for people to gather without politics being involved. George Takei is currently promoting his play Allegiance, which is based on his real life experiences in the Japanese-American internment camps. His play and other plays are meant to inspire, disturb, and bring the audience into the story even if it is painful. Takei commented that in Ancient Greece theater was a place people often debated about all sorts of political, cultural and other parts of their society.


The stage will continue to be the place it needs to be for the people involved in the show and those in the audience. The theater is not a safe space for us to ignore everything. It is a place of commentary, open expression, and free creative thought and voice.


Hamilton Reaches Diverse Crowd

The “Hamilton” play is very interesting for a mirage of different reasons. It has been getting stellar reviews, and it is being praised by tons of older people, but young people may like this play for a different reason. A lot of young people are going to look at this play and see American history in a different manner.


There are Latinos, African Americans and Asian Americans that get to see history through this play in a much different light. That is what Lin-Manuel Miranda has been able to do with his hit Broadway play “Hamilton.”


What people learn in school tends to be a very one-sided view of history. The text books have essentially made history something that has been dominated by white men. Miranda wanted to express history in a different type of way, and he wanted to make sure that it was a multicultural experience. That would be very important for young children that are growing up today. There has been black president in office, but there is still very little known about the influence of African Americans down through history. Latinos and Asians are barely mentioned in text books at all. Manuel was on a mission to correct that with his play.


He was able to do this because he presented history in a different way. The subject of history has never been all that entertaining. Never in the history of Broadway has a stage play come with mix tape. The “Hamilton” play introduces rap to stage plays along with a multicultural cast. This is a hard thing to do. It is evidence that there is an audience that was receptive of this type of content. That is why there has been so much talk about this on websites and talk shows. Magazines has interviewed Miranda. He has become this larger than life Broadway play creator that was simply looking for a different way to tell a different side of history.


This play is entertaining to most, but it does more than entertain for the youth. “Hamilton” has actually given the youth a sense of pride. It has allowed more people to tap into a greater sense of purpose now that they can witness people of color that helped shape America.