Broadway Box Office Recovers, ‘Hamilton’ Tops The Charts

As we all know, theater and money have an on-going hate-love relationship. This is the situation of Broadway box office at the moment.

The Broadway box office plummeted after their record-breaking week during Labor Day and left a vacuum of about $2.24 million. This was a three-year low for the franchise and had become rather normal in recent times.

Despite this poor grossing, ‘Hamilton ‘remained at the top with a gross of $2.15m. It had been predicted that the show would surpass all expectations and become a huge financial success.

Two weeks after this prediction, Broadway’s box office caught a big break. They were able to rebound back to glory with ‘Hamilton’ in the lead. The show has dominated expectations, wallets, and hearts. All the shows posted their gains from the last performance, and every single one grossed over six figures according to a report by Forbes, and it’s been a record-breaking weekend.

‘Hamilton,’ however, remained at the top with over $2m and the tickets sold for over $200 per person. This feat had only been achieved by ‘The Book Of Mormon’ in recent times, as the show’s tickets surpass $210, especially in the holiday season.

Other big shows in Broadway Box Office include; ‘Jersey Boys’ and ‘On Your Feet’ with $152069 and $162,120 respectively. The ‘Jersey Boys’ has had a great turn out since January. But last week, fans showed up in droves to watch, and it has grossed $748,054 so far. ‘On Your Feet,’ however, started strong when it kicked off last year. Unfortunately, the fans are losing interest in the show.

‘The Humans’ also benefited from this popularity and had its highest gross since it started. It made $670,967, and this number is incredible for a show with no movie stars to draw fans to it. It’s basically a double-rare bright spot which is predicted to grow even bigger.

‘Back to the Future’ was another mind-blowing performance for a one-man show and made $154,181. The house was sold out by over 97.7 percent. The show is quite unusual and has just six performances weekly.

In the coming weeks, Broadway will add four new shows as the season continues. They include ‘The Front Page,’ ‘The Encounter’ ‘Oh, Hello’ and The Starry’ and we expect solid members to come. The attendance this season has improved, but the season is still behind when compared to the previous season.

‘Hamilton’ Actor Honors Victims of Orlando Shooting

Daniel J. Watts, who stars in the Broadway hit “Hamilton” paid tribute to the victims of the June 12 mass shooting in Orlando with a performance that includes spoken word, music and dance.

The performance took place on July 31 at the Marlin Room in New York’s Webster Hall as part of “The Jam: Love Terrorists.” Several styles of music were represented, including gospel, jazz and salsa, along with Watts’ spoken word pieces. The event was meant to be a “call to arms” that charged people to “terrorize” the nation with love and support.

Watts is 34 and a native of North Carolina. He stated that The Jam was an opportunity to address the Orlando tragedy in a more personable way. Cast members from the Broadway plays “On Your Feet” and “Shuffle Along” also performed.

Watts also shared that hate and fear are the common enemies that all of humanity shares. He asserts that The Jam and other events should help human beings to hold one another accountable for not showing enough love and compassion toward one another. Daniel J. Watts has also expressed his deepest sympathies to the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille, two African American men who were killed by police recently.

Proceeds from The Jam: Love Terrorists will be donated to the advocacy groups Equality Florida and the GLBT Community Center of Florida.