IAP Worldwide Services Provides Assistance to Hurricane Matthew

IAP Worldwide Services is one of the most reputable organizations in the United States. The company was founded sixty-five years ago, and it has achieved a lot. This year, the international establishment announced that it had been activated to provide emergency assistance and power to the Hurricane Matthew victims. According to a report from the institution, several teams of professionals had been deployed to all the Initial Support Bases in the country in preparation for the event. Some of these bases are found in East Cost, Fort Bragg, Florida and North Carolina.

IAP Worldwide Services is an organization that is respected for having a reliable emergency support system that ensures that disasters are met in time. The company has always portrayed its capabilities in its various operations in the past. For instance, during the Katrina, Sandy, Katia and other natural disasters, the international firm performed all its duties in time, earning the respect of many. In most of these calamities, the institution was in charge of providing emergency power, communication systems, commodities and expert personnel to all the affected regions.

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In 2010, the organization was given the responsibility of dealing with the hurricane season. To make sure that everyone was running smoothly, IAP Worldwide is believed to have sent more than one hundred experts specializing in power to ensure that all the emergency generators located in New York City, Maryland, New Jersey and Massachusetts were running perfectly.

The new contract was given by the US Army Corp of Engineers to the IAP Worldwide Services. This is an amazing contract for the business that allows it to offer essential services to consumers such as emergency power and other engineering services to the affected communities during the times that are considered to be significantly important.

The president and chief executive officer of IAP Worldwide Services, Doug Kitani is happy that his company was given such a contract. He also says that his company has worked hard to maintain a close relationship with the federal government. The company has also been working closely with other agencies that give support to the Hurricane Matthew. Kitani also says that being part of the solutions provider during the Hurricane was one of the biggest achievements of the organizations. He says that his company will work hard to ensure that everyone lives a comfortable life, especially during the harsh times. The institution has a team of experts who ensure that all these objectives are met.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Selected by the U.S. Navy to Support $900 Million Contract

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., the IAP-ECC managing member, has been joined by four other companies for the award of the indefinite-quantity/Indefinite-delivery contract. This is a worldwide Multiple Award Support Group Contract II which offers over $9 million by the Engineering Command under the Naval Facilities in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor, and Pacific.

Doug Kitani, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Director and CEO, said that IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is proud to continue to offer its high-level assistance to its customers around the globe who rely on their high-end solutions to their challenges. According to IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., their selection to offer services to the United States Global Contingency Mission for the Navy is in keeping with the high expertise and standards to make the customer’s mission coveted.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has gained excellence popularity in supporting these contingency-based DoD entities and contracts. Under the Augmentation Program for the Air Force Contract (AFCAP), v is the only company selected to offer their exclusive service from all the four. Rick Rohmer, the Global Support Services Vice President charged with the program’s operation, said that they are executing Task Orders as an incumbent for the United States Navy under the GSCMAC I processor. The IAP Worldwide team on iapws.com, a combined force for good, is pleased to provide critical maintenance and support operations under the United States Navy Contingency Services.

The services intended to be received by the United States Navy will include natural disasters, incidental construction, support services, and humanitarian efforts. IAP Worldwide will also offer a broad spectrum of incumbent breaks, and military actions in service locations globally to support the efforts of the country. The Engineering Command and the Naval Facilities is the contracting agency that expects the contract to complete its course by 2024.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is a leading service company that offers solutions to global governments and organizations. The company has over six decades of solid professional experience. IAP Worldwide offers a wide range of solutions and services to the United States government and agencies. It’s a high-end leader in providing program management. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. integrates and leverages its capabilities to provide innovative, safe, and reliable solutions to meet the complex challenges and diverse needs of their customers. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. maintains offices in Florida, Washington, D.SC. Area, Oklahoma, Maryland, and the United Kingdom. In the recent past, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has opened offices in the Middle East.

IAP Worldwide: A Global Employer with a Strong Mission

IAP Worldwide is a top provider of worldwide services. From logistics to facilities management and professional and technical services, IAP has grown to be a well known company that is always one of the first to help others in need. With over 2,000 employees in over 25 countries worldwide, they work to solve their customers’ largest challenges.

Having a career at IAP means being a part of an effective cohesive unit that takes pride in bringing together unique knowledge, skills, and expertise to engage in the “unexpected”. A career at IAP requires a strong level of commitment to the company’s mission, which makes IAP one of the best employers worldwide. IAP is continuously seeking qualified professionals who are passionate not only about their own future, but also making a strong positive impact in the world.

IAP’s employees work to solve problems for others. Each employee contributes their unique experiences, skills, and knowledge to make a positive change. This brings employees a deep sense of dedication, camaraderie, cooperation, equality, and ongoing positive recognition of hard work. IAP Worldwide hires experienced and dedicated professionals for positions in areas such as logistics, general management, accounting, engineering, operations, construction, program management, and several other specialty areas.

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Once hired at IAP, they work to empower employees with both the resources and knowledge to safely and effectively do their jobs, while keeping the company growing by contributing to the success of each customer engagement.

IAP truly cares about the success of its employees. They work together to provide “world class” customer service during times of need. They work hard to have a continuous mutually beneficial relationship with their employees. As with their clients, IAP also exercises their core values with their employees, which are integrity, respect, responsibility, purpose, and ingenuity.

IAP Worldwide Services recently announced that its acquisition of the U.S. Army’s contract, providing integrated logistics, training support, and fielding for the PM DCGS-A at Fort Hood, as well as locations worldwide. This innovative work will be performed under a current contract, which is called the Rapid Response Third Generation.

DCGS-A is the system that the Army uses to post all of their information, including data and process information. It is also used to disseminate Intelligence, Surveillance, ISR, information regarding operational environments including the weather and terrain, which provides commanders with critical information on PRNewswire. The tasks of this contract are valued at $53 million. They include hardware systems engineering, networking, data processing, systems reconciliations, hardware accreditation and certification, training, and proper operations of their warehouse. This results in the successful delivery of DCGS-A to military units.

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