How Your Political Beliefs and Personality Affect Your Wealth

One of the interesting realities of finance is the connection between your political beliefs and your wealth. What you believe about finance tends to determine how much money you will make in the long run.

People who are really pushy and assertive can be conservative or liberal. We see this going on in the American political exchange. Pushy and assertive politicians are throwing their opposite beliefs at each other in a quest to become the number 1. What political belief is associated with the highest wealth?

Myers-Briggs came up with a way of measuring someone’s brain. Your brain style influences the choices that you make about finance. The wealthiest people are ENTJ, ESTJ, INTP, and ENTP. If your personality differs from this type of brain, you will probably face challenges becoming super wealthy.

ENTJ’s are the archetypal dictator. They are arrogant and brilliant. They like to dominate, and they have great ideas. Napoleon is an example.

The ESTJ is a careful manager who is good at teaching others responsibly. ESTJ’s like religion and family. They do not like strange notions. They are good at saving and living carefully below their means.

The INTP is a maverick. A clever scientist who compares options. The INTP frequently comes up with new ideas and applies them carefully.

The ENTP is the charming politician. He is adored by everyone who meets him, except his political competitors. The ENTP is known at being the best personality for lying.

Whatever your political beliefs and personality, learning from the wealthiest people, and how they think, can put you on a path to financial success. Many people waste their life doing things that they are not really suitable for. Once you find your best fit career, you can become the person you were made to be.

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