Helping Needy Children- Ubuntu Education Fund

Jacob Lief found a fulfilling thing to do in life apart from speaking in seminars and raising massive amounts of cash for non-profit organizations. Mr. Jacob said in a statement that it was nonsense to raise money and give motivational speaking without changing the lives of people in the world. Jacob wanted to touch and alter the lives of individuals in South Africa the reason why he began his foundation; Ubuntu Education Fund. Jacob Lief is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the organization which has been operating in Port Elizabeth by providing education opportunity to less fortunate children in the area.

Jacob Lief has been very strict since the beginning of the organization. He has denied the donations from donors who want to fund the education organization with some restrictions and conditions; instead, he has chosen to help all children to gain an education without discrimination. Jacob said that the group is funded by high-net individuals and family foundations who understand them and they have the knowledge of knowing that restrictive giving is not worth their time. He further said that even though their organization’s needs are small, they can achieve their goals. Ubuntu Education Fund is built through a structure which also has models well known as Ubuntu Model. The Ubuntu Model has been working hand in hand with other Family foundations as well as the community to be able to provide for each child’s needs which include health and education.

The Ubuntu Education Fund was created in 1999, and it began as a small organization which its primary interest was to address and help deal with the education crisis in the Port Elizabeth which h is located in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. The organization has been expanding their donations to more children in the region with Andrew Rolfe acting as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ubuntu Education Fund. Andrew Rolfe was competent to provide services in the position because of his experience acting in the same situation and also as a Chief Executive Officer. Andrew Rolfe holds a Bachelor’s degree from Oxford University and an M.B.A from Harvard Business School. Currently, Andrew Rolfe has been working towards the implementation of a strong model which will see Ubuntu growing in their charity activity of assisting more children.