Live on Stage: Jason Sudeikis Steps into a Robin Williams’ Film Role This Fall

Jason Sudeikis will be starring on the New York stage as John Keating, the teacher in Dead Poets Society. Williams starred in the 1989 film version in which he played the off-beat literature teacher at a boys’ prep school. Now, live on stage this fall, Jason Sudeikis who is a Saturday Night Live alumnus is going to play the inspiring literature teacher at the Classic Stage Theater in New York City. John Doyle who is the artistic director for the theater could not be happier to have Sudeikis on board.

Daniel Jason Sudeikis, at 40, has a long list of accomplishments including being a player of Saturday Night Live from 2005 until 2013 where he did impressions of such people as Mitt Romney and Joe Biden. He was born on September 18, 1975 in Fairfax Virginia, the son of a business developer and a travel agent. He studied his craft at Annoyance Theatre and ImprovOlympic. Sudeikis soon became part of The Second City’s National Touring Company. Second City Theatre is where many other Saturday Night Live cast members got their start including John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, and others. The SNL alumnus appeared in many television programs including 30 Rock, The Cleveland Show, Wainy Days, and others. Sudeikis has working in many films including Hall Pass, Meet Bill, The Ten, and others.

Dead Poets Society was Tom Schulman’s Oscar winning film. Schulman wrote the film, and Peter Weir directed it.The two-hour film was made on a budget of $16,400,000. The film was such a hit that it reached a worldwide gross of $235,860,116, making it the fifth highest grossing film in 1989, globally. Tom Schulman won Best Original Screenplay, and Peter Weir was nominated for Best Director. The film was nominated Best Picture, but won the BAFTA Award for Best Picture. Robin Williams was nominated for Best Actor. Rotten Tomatoes reviews earned it 85 percent. Schulman is adapting his screenplay for live theater. Everyone is hoping that Schulman wins a Tony Award for this production. Classic Stage Theater, artistic director, John Doyle is planning to direct this production that will officially premier in November. Doyleand Schulman plan to announce the names of the rest of the cast at a later date.

Groundhog Day the Musical is Set to Hit Broadway in 2017

We all know and love the 1993 comedic film Groundhog Day which stars the hilarious Bill Murray and lovely sidekick Andie MacDowell. The general plot, for those unfortunate enough to have missed viewing the film, is about an arrogant weatherman, set to cover Groundhog Day for the fourth time, gets stuck reliving the same Groundhog Day over and over again until he makes a major self-discovery.

The movie has already recently been made into a musical and is now playing on stage at the Old Vic theater in London, the fabulous reviews for this marvelous show can be found here. The brilliant music is written by ever popular Australian comedic musician Tim Minchin who is known for his off-the-wall comedic songs. Some of Minchin’s most popular tunes outside of the musical include “Come Home”, “Inflatable You”, and “F Sharp”. On top of his comedy routines, Minchin has also written the music for the Broadway musical Matilda, based on the children’s book by Roald Dahl made famous by the movie made in 1996. In true Minchin style, the music for Groundhog Day provides a subtle, dark humor which brilliantly underscores the otherwise lighthearted plot.

World renowned Scott Rudin produced the musical Groundhog Day. He was also the producer for Skylight, Fish in the Dark, and the widely famous Book of Mormon. The co-writer for the movie, Danny Rubin also helped write the musical.

The drama of this show is overall playful yet with subtle complexity. It gives the viewer the same comedic magic and whimsical spirit of the film, yet layers on top an interesting societal reflection calling on the audience to look inside oneself. Originally the writers weren’t sure larger audiences would appreciate the woven urge for introspection, which is why it premiered at the Old Vic and not a West End theater, where British shows destined for Broadway usually start out. Yet Minchin’s clever way of making us recognize societal flaws, and letting us laugh about them at the same time, has made this new musical thoroughly enjoyable.

As of next year, the show will hit Broadway. Previews will start January 23rd, 2017 and the show will premier on March 9, 2017.

Pokémon Go Movie Attracts Top Movie Writers

Pokémon Go is without any reasonable doubt, the game of the year. The game has been well received, something that has boosted the value of the Pokémon franchise. The popularity of this app has made Pokémon an entertainment giant. Owing to this success, plans are in the pipeline to create a movie, whose storyline will be based on the game. There was a vicious battle to own the rights to the movie even before the app was officially launched.

Bidding started months prior to the release of the mobile app to the public. It has now emerged that the upcoming film will be scripted by two of the most accomplished scriptwriters in the film industry. According to Variety, Alex Hirsch and Nicole Perlman are on the forefront to land this lucrative job, which is likely to catapult their remarkable careers to unimaginable levels. Reports also state that the movie’s rights have been acquired by Legendary Pictures, which is owned by Thomas Tull. The company won.

The Scriptwriters’ Résumés

The movie’s director, storyline and cast are yet to be identified. However, reports intimate that a number of award winning movie stars are angling for different acting roles that are on offer. Despite the fact that Pokémon Go was motivated by a Japanese video game series, the movie will shoot in English. Perlman gained popularity for scripting the Guardian of the Galaxy. At the moment, she is scripting Captain Marvel, which is one of the most anticipated films of 2016. Perlman played an important role in the success of Guardians of the Galaxy. To date, it remains Marvel Cinematic Universe’s bestselling movie.

On the other hand, Hirsch is credited with the creation of Gravity Falls, a cult-hit animated series that has recently been concluded. The film focuses on a pair of kids who are out to investigate supernatural phenomena in a remote rural community. The series was aired for two seasons, ending with a 68-hour epic on DisneyXD. In the past, Hirsch had indicated that he would consider reviving the film’s characters, but in other roles. By accepting to script write a Pokémon Go film, the two will obviously be punching above their weight. Nevertheless, the film promises to be a hit basing on the success that the duo has had in the past. Movie lovers are equally waiting with bated brief for the movie’s release. The article was originally posted on Screen Rant.