New Chair for Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing

NYU is getting used to a new face that has been around for years. Terry Curtis Fox is an Arts Professor at the Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing at NYU, but recently, he has taken on a new role as the Chair of the department.

One of Professor Fox’s main goals as he takes over the reigns is to put an end to the idea that one form of artistic expression outweighs another. In today’s theater and arts society, it seems there is somewhat of a disconnect between screenwriters, playwrights, and other forms of dramatic arts writing. Fox envisions a department where students of all skills look at themselves as dramatic artists. He wants the students to realize there is no way to know what you will or won’t be doing down the road, so do not pigeonhole yourself into one style.

One of the accomplishments Fox is happy to brag about is having one of the most diverse student bodies in all of Tisch, as well as having one of the most diverse faculties around. This is why Fox wants to implement a course that would make student see the world from someone else’s point of view.

Fox sees some common problems from students and writers today. He is adamant about teaching his students that they need to focus on writing their own story and not attempting to recreate their favorite show or movie. Write what only you can, not only what you want to see.