Nutrimost Gaining Adherents and a Copycat

The Nutrimost diet system has become the most talked about and tried diet plan on the planet. Developed by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, a Pennsylvanian Doctor of Chiropractic, its success is due to the number of chiropractors who have become advocates and practitioners of the diet. Wisniewski used his connection with fellow chiropractors to spread the diet by putting in place a regime under the auspices of chiropractors who guide and measure those on the Nutrimost diet.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Chiropractors have long been disrespected by physicians, but now that chiropractors and other new age procedures (yoga, vegetarianism) have proven to be healthful, the tide is finally turning. Chiropractors help patients without prescribing drugs that can have an adverse affect on patient’s bodies. Chiropractors are now being regarded favorably by clients and the general public, and this new diet comes at a time when the average American is dangerously overweight and needs help.
The Nutrimost diet has its detractors, especially among the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Nutrimost diet recently gained a copycat version of the diet. Called the “Can’t Lose” diet, they have directly and simply stolen the videos and testimonials from the Nutrimost advertising campaign to use as their own. Nutrimost has filed suit.
Watch any of the Nutrimost advertisements and you’ll see healthy chiropractors who have completed the program and offered themselves as evidence of the results of the program. This group of chiropractors has an interest in the health of their clients and most chiropractors want to be seen as advocates of a healthy lifestyle and not seen as part of the problem facing those who need to lose weight or face the medical catastrophes of obesity.
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Nutrimost Diet System May Be The Holy Grail Of Dieting


The old saying that if you build a better mousetrap the world would beat a path to your door still applies, but if Ralph Waldo Emerson were alive today, he would rephrase the statement to say that if you develop a better diet program, the world will beat a path to your website.
Diets and dieting are enormously popular, and one diet plan has caught the attention of many who search out diets just like the Crusaders sought out the Holy Grail. The name of this new and popular diet system is Nutrimost, and its many advocates claim that it is possible to lose as much as 40 pounds in the 40 days following the diet regime. The man responsible for this diet is a Pennsylvania Chiropractic Doctor and a religious fundamentalist, Dr. Ray Wisniewski. He is using the network of fellow Chiropractic Doctors in America as a sounding board for this revolutionary diet system at a time when informed citizens of the Americas turn toward more holistic medical choices. This diet program endorsed by chiropractors is a great example of a caring professional culture, chiropractic, becoming not only practitioners of the Nutrimost system but advocates as well. The advertising for the program presents many examples of success, showing many in this diet losing 25-40 pounds in the 40 days and even reports of some who have lost more over longer periods of time.
The Nutrimost system relies on several monitoring systems and procedures administered under the care of the chiropractic physician, and many of the principals of the diet are popular with health-conscious people today.
Drs. Wisniewski and fellow chiropractic physicians have joined forces to become an education network for this diet, and they may, in fact, be on to something that all overweight Americans desperately need.

NutriMost – A Common Sense Approach to Weight Loss

It isn’t a brand new discovery or earth shattering news to anyone that everyone has a different body and each body operates a little differently, right? Still, countless numbers of people continue to use prepackaged programs or dietary aids to lose weight. The math of this futile act just doesn’t make sense, how can a weight loss system that is a one-size-fits-all work for each and every body type? NutriMost and the doctor who founded this new weight loss system has introduced a program that is changing the way people are losing weight, based on each individual need.

Dr. Rob Vasquez discusses this issue recently on a San Antonio news station, and admits that one of the greatest motivations to this common sense approach and system was his own weight loss struggles. This all begins with a body composition test, the goal is to uncover what exactly it is a particular body needs to accomplish the desired result – losing those extra pounds.

Dr. Vasquez uses a term he calls ‘bio markers’ that determine how each different body processes food, how a particular metabolism works and what formula best suits that individual based on the composition analysis and consultation. That’s right, each person has an individualized weight loss program targeted toward their needs.
In addition to having a plan customized to each client, there comes coaches and a staff that will not only provide help and direction throughout the program, but also provide a means of accountability.

The interview reveals the frustration Dr. Vasquez had that is common to so many, losing some weight, and then putting it back on. Dr. Vasquez proudly shares his weight loss and how he has broken the vicious cycle of losing and gaining pounds and how this new system NutriMost has been the key to this success. He doesn’t necessarily say the words, but perhaps he doesn’t have to as the program itself shouts aloud – this just makes sense…finally.