Christina Hodson has a Point to Prove.

Did you know that since the Avengers movie, shared cinematic universes are now the “in thing” in Hollywood? It has become the norm that has set out an emerging trend that will soon be adapted in the fast-developing movie industry. This state of affairs has created an opportunity where studios are in dire need of maximizing their property rights by producing spinoff films concurrently with their core series. This is where the soon-to-be-released Transformers movie comes in with its Bumblebee character.


The movie is regarded as a project which will be more cost-effective for its initial entry into the franchise market. The Transformers is a Christina Hodson production, who is a well-known star producer on the rise. She is also to be credited with the soon-to-be-released movie series The DC Extended Universe. She is a producer who has also penned for Warner Bros with her signature on Birds of Prey. This movie is set to have quite a number of female superheroes, and villains, who were featured in the DC Universe. Does it have something to do with gender? The jury is out there.


To feature in this series is Margot Robbie, she of the Suicide Squad in her role as Harley Quinn. It will be exciting to tell how she fits in her new role. Many of her fans think that she will prove critics wrong.What movie enthusiasts are waiting for is to see which characters will be part of the cast. The movie will also attract the attention of reputable thespians, and this makes it a must watch movie series because of the high standards it is supposed to set. It should also be noted that the DCEU had produced a series of movies which were divisive in nature and this led to heavy criticisms by fans. A good example is the notion that the Transformers’ writer, who also happens to have worked for DC, will move over. This type of situation will make many viewers uneasy with the whole arrangement.


Moviegoers will judge the Transformers when the director is announced. This gives Hodson a lifeline to succeed and take her career to a higher level. As it is often said in the movie industry, only time will tell.